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Title: The Point Migration Supply Log
Post by: RAGNAR on May 15, 2017, 10:32:27 PM
Entry 1

The column of freighters and riders under escort of The 1st left for The point with those of the main area. It will be a quick in and out supply venture with no time to waste.

It is hot and extremely dusty and dry. Good time has been made thus far and good ground covered. The column will continue onward as long as possible before pausing to water the stock, rest the mounts and fill botas from the barrels. It will only be a brief pause before the column continues on to cover as much ground during the night as possible, hoping to reach that shallow river in the morn where all can refill with water and wash up a bit and finally cool off and eat light before continuing on. The wagons will run dark, meaning no lamps. There are no clouds, so the moons will provide enough light to see and the stars will be visible for easy navigation.

So far, all is well and on schedule.


Title: Re: The Point Migration Supply Log
Post by: RAGNAR on May 16, 2017, 11:13:05 PM
Entry 2

It was not a comfortable journey given the heat and the seemingly never-ending dust that irritated eyes and made life miserable.

The column has reached the small river just before midday, and though the level was low, it was quite welcoming. The banks were dry where the usual watermark is, and at its deepest was only two to three feet in depth, but it was cool and clear upon our arrival.

The stock waters and the wagons soak wheels. We rest and eat, wash, and try to rest while the wagons finish up. When they have finished, we will again make for The Point.

So far, we still remain on schedule.


Title: Re: The Point Migration Supply Log
Post by: RAGNAR on May 17, 2017, 10:39:51 PM
Entry 3

The column was better off for spending much needed time at the river before moving out. The water, rest, and food did much to rejuvenate the column.

The column is on the move again, and will continue through the night. It is a cloudless sky and the moons are more than enough to light the way without need of lamps.

The tall grasses make for somewhat less dust and is easier on the wagons providing a bit of cushion before they are flattened completely by the numerous wheels.

At this rate, the column will be within The Point well before dark again.

I ride on ahead with the Scouts and will enter The Point to meet with Rayah in the Admin lodge to get things in order and check on supplies pre-ordered.

So far, we are still on schedule.


Title: Re: The Point Migration Supply Log
Post by: RAGNAR on May 19, 2017, 10:22:55 PM
Entry 4

We did not make as much ground this last leg placing our arrival a bit behind schedule, but we have arrived at The Point. The freighters are in the wagon encampment area, and the usual routine is in place. Chits have been given for amenities offered by The Point such as baths, a free drink, kailla livery etc.

All slaves, with Owners permission, have been gifted three silver to spend as they desire.

This will be an extremely short stay for us. See the supplies are obtained and ready to go as soon as possible.

Those known well to the Ubara may seek lodging with her in The Nest.

There is much to be done, and little time to do it.


Title: Re: The Point Migration Supply Log
Post by: RAGNAR on May 21, 2017, 05:56:15 PM
Camp goods secured;

1 heavy freighter and full load assorted timber and lumber.............. 12 DWG

2 living wagons bartered a trade costing 50 large bosk hides

600 tabuk horns bartered a trade costing 100 assorted bosk horns unpaired

1500 two stone barrels flour................................................................ 60 DWG

2000 one Gorean Weight sacks of grain……. 1 Sil ea. ………………………………… 100 DWG

1000 two gw barrels salt…………………………….. 1G ea. …………………………………..500 DWG

5000 2 stone casks pepper…………………………. 10 c ea. ………………………………… 2 DWG 1 G

20,000 24 ct cases sul paga……………………….. 2 S 50 C ea……….. deal 2 S ea. … traded 300 large pair bosk horns

Heavy freighter containing 20,000 talu tharlarion oil casks for the cost of one heavy freighter containing 20,000 empty talu tharlarion oil casks and 200 stone of bosk butter

10,000 cases 24 ct paga bottles for the cost of 10,000 cases 24 ct paga empties and 400 stone of bosk butter

100 twenty talu ale barrels for the cost of 100 twenty talu ale barrels and 100 0.5 gw verr cheese

100 cases 24 ct larma juice bottles for the cost of 100 cases 24 ct empty larma juice bottles and 3 two gw smoked tarsk

5,000 crates assorted fruits IE grapes, larmas, peaches, striped melons, ka la na, etc for the cost of 50 1 gw wheels of bosk cheese, 2 two gw smoked tarsk, 50 stone verr butter

50 flats of garlic for the cost of 10 stone bosk butter

500 gw sacks onions for the cost of 50 gw wheels bosk cheese, 1 two gw smoked tarsk, and 50 stone verr butter

1000 two gw sacks potatoes for the cost of 1 three gw smoked tarsk, 5 prairie sleen furs, 100 stone bosk butter, and 50 repcloth sacks vulo feathers and down

100 cases assorted spices for the cost of 50 stone of bosk glue

1000 gw boxes bazi tea for the cost of 20 prairie sleen furs, 100 stone of bosk butter, 25 stone of verr butter, 100 sacks of vulo feathers and down

500 two gw barrels of yellow sugar for the cosk of 500 two gw empty yellow sugar barrels, 25 pair XL bosk horns, 25 bosk hides, 10 prairie sleen furs, 60 stone of bosk butter, 25 stone verr butter, and 50 sacks vulo feathers and down

5,000 crates assorted veggies IE katch, kort, suls, turpah, etc cost 25 bosk hides, 5 sleen furs, 40 stone bosk butter, and 100 tarsk hides

1,000 gw sacks blackwine cost 100 stone bosk glue, 50 pair XL bosk horn sets, 100 bosk hides, 30 prairie sleen furs, 50 stone bosk butter, 20 stone verr butter, 100 sacks vulo feathers and down, 500 gorean feet bosk sinew, 150 gw bosk teeth, 75 twenty talu barrels fermented bosk curds, 75 verr hides, 125 tarsk hides, 20 tabuk hides, 20 bundles tumit feathers, 5 DWG

200 cases 12 ct palm wine cost 300 cases empty palm wine bottles, 10 twenty talu barrels fermented bosk curds

5,000 cases 24 ct sa tarna paga cost 4,000 cases 24 ct empty paga bottles, 250 verr bladders, 250 verr hides, 75 tarsk hides, and 35 stone bosk glue

1000 cases 12 ct ta wine cost 1200 cases 12 ct empty ta wine bottles, 100 gw bosk teeth, 100 tarsk hides, 30 tabuk hides, and 25 bundles tumit feathers

Title: Re: The Point Migration Supply Log
Post by: RAGNAR on May 21, 2017, 10:21:56 PM
There are still supplies needed. We leave this day, so get the supplies!!!

We still have the following remaining as trade goods for what is needed.

Make the best deals possible. Whatever is left when we are ready to depart will be left with Ubara's Own in The Nest.

Just keep a running tally correcting the figures of the remaining goods, and post camp purchases.

Remaining items;

115 stone bosk glue
25 pair XL bosk horn sets
50 bosk hides
30 prairie sleen furs
50 stone bosk butter
30 stone verr butter
150 repcloth sacks vulo feathers and down
4 two gw smoked tarsk
1 three gw smoked tarsk
500 gorean feet bosk sinew spooled on bosk bone spools
50 gw bosk teeth
15 twenty talu barrels fermented bosk curds
175 verr hides
300 tarsk hides
5 tabuk hides
5 bundles tumit feathers

Title: Re: The Point Migration Supply Log
Post by: Mariposa on May 22, 2017, 08:03:09 PM
3 twenty talu barrels of curds for 3 twenty barrels of livers
100 five-hundred gorean foot rolls in length by three feet wide, and fifty spools of twine at a thousand GF per. for 150 sacks of vulo feathers
Title: Re: The Point Migration Supply Log
Post by: RAGNAR on May 23, 2017, 05:19:16 PM
Entry 5

The column left The Point and is headed back towards camp.

Even given the loads being carried, we are still making good time.

The food and setting of the evening meal the night before leaving The Point seemed to be enjoyed by all. Jade and siren did well in its planning and execution.

The Paravaci arrived at The Point for their resupply while we were there. There exists no outright animosity between our Peoples and no incidents were reported. I hold no doubts there moments of testosterone and bravado, but such is to be expected.

It is my intent to make as much ground and time as possible, pausing only when reaching the small river to rest, take on water, and eat before moving on.

Any camp supplies, or trading supplies used must be logged. Failure to do so will result in an error in supplies and accounting that could affect Tuchuk later.


Title: Re: The Point Migration Supply Log
Post by: RAGNAR on May 23, 2017, 09:59:36 PM
Entry 6

The column made the small river crossing. Barrels topped off, stock watered, and botas filled. The column paused to eat and rest while the stock was tended.

The column again moved out a couple ahn before dark intending to roll through the night hoping the temperature will lessen.

Dust sighted to the North, most likely Kassar or Katai headed for their resupply.

We now enter the grazed lands that gives so much grief with dust. With luck, we should see home in two days time long enough to change out the teams and make ready to begin our march South.


Title: Re: The Point Migration Supply Log
Post by: RAGNAR on May 25, 2017, 05:14:44 PM
Entry 7

The column is on its final leg to camp.

We encountered a Kassar raid in force just before dark. There were a few casualties, but no supplies were lost. The Kassar were driven off after suffering consequential casualties. No captives were taken. All were put down.

The column moved out as soon as was possible in order to get out of the area, halting after dark to finish tending to wounded and to water the stock.

Water has become the issue. Even I am not sure the column will make it to camp given the heat and dust and how low our water supply currently is.

The column has moved during the night once again and come light of day, we should be within range of our patrols.


Title: Re: The Point Migration Supply Log
Post by: RAGNAR on May 26, 2017, 05:07:06 PM
Entry 8

We have arrived in Tuchuk.

Tend to the wounded, divide the supplies among the main and perimeter areas, change out the teams, grease the freighter axles and prepare to move out.

It is time to begin the march Vasic (South) to our summering lands where the grasses are plentiful and the temperatures cooler.