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Title: Thassa Venture
Post by: RAGNAR on October 11, 2017, 05:51:39 PM
Entry 1

It seems my intentions of taking one freighter on the venture has turned into a freighter, one living wagon, and six small auxiliary carts. Ten bosk bulls have been taken in addition to the teams as well as two large tarsk, one verr, and a few extra kaiila.

Ah well. When one deals with Women one must deal with more stuff needing to be hauled around.

The column left Tuchuk with The Scouts of The 1st Oralu well in front, Ubara's Warriors accompanying her and her party, Half an Orlu under Commander Tumen, and Half an Orlu under Raziel. Given the Warriors among the column itself, this should be more than sufficient for the venture.

Good time is being made, and the column continued traveling through the night stopping only to take on water and check the stock before moving on once again.

It is my hope to reach Thassa sometime during the day and establish a beach camp, set the watch, and begin enjoying our stay.



Title: Re: Thassa Venture
Post by: RAGNAR on October 13, 2017, 11:15:25 AM
Entry 2

We have descended the hazardous trail down to the beach and have established a secure perimeter and camp site. Two wagons parked lengthwise to the cliff face with their rear steps facing Rim (East) up the coast, Linna's closest to the face with the freighter next to it. The field carts for supplies and the field commissary set up across from the wagon's steps with ample room to move with the field commissary closest to the surf and the main fire/cook fire diagonally from it above the high water mark.

Torches mark the area for additional illumination after dark. A waste pit has been dug away from the wagons to Klim (West) up next to the cliff face for all the nastiness we need to dispose of, to be buried upon our departure.

Furs around the fire, the underside of the wagons walled off with hides to create enclosures with additional hides suspended from the wagon platforms for individual chambers. With the wagon platforms about eight feet off the ground, this should be no problem save for the axles.

Time to enjoy the venture!!!

We are gifted with unseasonably hot weather with wonderful; winds coming in off Thassa.

End Report


Title: Re: Thassa Venture
Post by: RAGNAR on October 14, 2017, 05:47:31 PM
Entry 3

We eat well, drink well,and enjoy the venture.

Many distinguished Guest joined us for the first night of dancing. The slaves did a wonderful job and we found ourselves well entertained. The dancing will continue this night and possibly one more following depending on the slave's desire to strut their stuff.

The weather remains unchanged.

End Report


Title: Re: Thassa Venture
Post by: RAGNAR on October 15, 2017, 04:55:27 PM
Entry 4

The weather sill remains unchanged.

For the second night we were blessed with outstanding dances and very fine company!!!!!

We thank all those who danced and joined us for our season's end celebration!!!!!

Food, drink, good spirits, laughter, and most certainly lust was in abundance!!!!!

We continue our time at the beach though likely we have bid most of our guests well until we meet again.

End Report


Title: Re: Thassa Venture
Post by: RAGNAR on October 22, 2017, 05:34:25 PM
Entry 4

Though the weather has taken a turn and a storm has blown in from Thassa. Tuchuk still enjoys its time at the beach. The cavern seems to be the point of interest as it is explored once again and a few enjoyable stashes have been discovered.

The storm has brought high winds, thunder, lightning, and high seas to the coast making shipping extremely hazardous all along the coast. Hopefully Warriors positioned for security upon the cliff are well given their only shelter is their shields.

The carts and wagons, shades and tents on the beach have been lashed down with additional lashings and should fare well enough with luck.

We shall see what we shall see when the storm passes.

End Report


Title: Re: Thassa Venture
Post by: RAGNAR on October 30, 2017, 10:46:54 PM
Entry 6

We have arrived home.

We came across a very good haul of items we can put to good use on this venture.

We hosted our friends from the North and made some new friends as many fine dancers entertained us.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the venture and it is like we will continue to hold this at seasons end before we migrate each year.

On the way home we encountered harassment by Kassar and did take a few casualties, though nothing serious has been reported.

Come the morrow, it is business as usual until we will entertain another dancer in a couple days time.

Then, we head for the coast to board and go to The Isle to visit a few days during the Althing before returning and preparing to migrate before the weather fully turns.

Overall, a very fine time was had!!!!!

End Report