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Title: Migration Log winter 2017
Post by: RAGNAR on November 07, 2017, 12:36:54 PM
Entry 1

The weather was not a friend by the time we broke camp. It did go better than expected due to the preparations prior to moving.

The camp moved as usual from the inside out, making a circle around the perimeter until all wagons were moving.

By the time the wagons halted, The temperature had dropped and a misty rain was starting to mix with flurries. The winds picked up making the weather conditions trying to say the least.

Tuchuk is in position to form its marching column and head for Turia.

The bosk can graze in place and get moisture from the falling precipitation. Double check everything to make sure it is ready to move, then those not on duty and able to enter the warmth of the wagons should do so. Eat, rest, and be ready to move upon command.

The herd is moving slowly accompanied by Outriders and sleen, which we should be able to overtake easily if all goes well.

Kassar has been spotted in the area, so take all due precautions.

End Entry


Title: Re: Migration Log winter 2017
Post by: RAGNAR on November 10, 2017, 05:36:45 PM
Entry 2

We have reached Turia. Our arrival was late due to weather and we were forced to spend the night in the migration encampment. Come the morn we can enter and begin resupply.

The weather was not our friend along the route to Turia and the column was hampered by skirmishes with Kassar.

Tend to the stock, water and graze the teams in place overnight and come morn turn them out to graze leaving their harnesses in place.

Hopefully my serpent will arrive to take our main camp to the Althing soon. Until then, secure what is needed and enjoy what Turia has to offer.

Due to the weather, the food court remains closed until the weather improves.

End Report


Title: Re: Migration Log winter 2017
Post by: RAGNAR on November 11, 2017, 05:38:51 PM
Entry 3

We have gained entry to Turia and have begun to settle in. The usual decrees apply. Stock up what we can keeping the current weather in mind. Some items will not last in the freezing conditions. Food items most affected should be purchased for personal wagon use, as at least in personal wagons it is warm enough not to freeze unlike freight wagons.

Non-perishable goods is up to the individual. I do not expect prices to be kind to us given the weather and hauling issues.

Those of the main area have been gifted disks for services. Accommodations, bathes, a meal a day, things of this nature. There are not redeemable by you for coin.

All our slaves have been gifted two silver to use in addition to whatever else they may have or acquire. Naturally this is if their Owner allows, but it has been gifted.

Those of the main area will be in a state of readiness to head to the tarncots as soon as word of my serpent making landfall at the Klim coast arrives. We will fly to the coast and board my serpent and make way to The Isle for the Althing!!! Wear your finest. Prepare to enjoy. There is something for all at the Althing.

Upon return, we will finish our resupply and once again head for our wintering lands in the Cartius Region. Remember, we also have a larger resupply run at The Point when we arrive.

It is always a gamble on availability and pricing. Use your judgment and experience in dealings.

Other Wagon Peoples may be arriving while we are in Turia. Try to maintain the peace within the walls of Turia. Outside the walls, use your own discretion.

Those of the main area have rooms at the Inn reserved for them. Your disk will cover the cost. I have taken the suite with adjoining rooms for our girls and my Daughter. Council have suites as well. Seek your room from the Keep or you may stay in your wagon if you prefer.

End Report


Title: Re: Migration Log winter 2017
Post by: RAGNAR on November 12, 2017, 05:25:06 AM
Entry 4

My serpent, The Valkyrie, has made landfall and is offloading some cargo and taking on supplies for our voyage to The Isle!!!

We leave this day (Tonight) for the Althing!!!

(Those that can come in earlier than normal please do. I should be in the room no later than 8:30 - 9:00 PM EST to rp boarding and setting sail (When I see people arriving on the IC Whochat) to arrive and join our friends for a couple two or three nights of fun!!!)

End Report


Title: Re: Migration Log winter 2017
Post by: RAGNAR on November 13, 2017, 08:17:02 AM
Entry 5

We arrived at the Isle and are enjoying life in the North.

The oar dance was enjoyable and rest assured that water is COLD!!!!!

We have tents and booths to enjoy our stay, and there is always the ship if you do not mind sleeping with some rather cutthroat types of my crew.

(For those having trouble finding us;

http://www.imaginechat.com/whochat/ (http://www.imaginechat.com/whochat/)

Register and all that and click on the Isle of Scagnar room.

Once in Scagnar, use the travel matrix to Serenity Point.

That is where you will find us. *S* I recommend registering and keeping your login info in a safe place. Odds are high we will be visiting with as much regularity as possible, especially during winter camp given we are at least a third of the way closer than during summer camp.)

The food and drink is plentiful, Rune Priests are blessing everyone all over the place.

There is something for all to enjoy and take part in, and our hosts are most gracious!!!!!

I could grow used to this life once again.

End Report


Title: Re: Migration Log winter 2017
Post by: RAGNAR on November 17, 2017, 01:09:25 PM
Entry 6

The Althing has been extended and we shall stay until after the feast come the morrow (Saturday) and the clean up and breaking down of tents and booths.

I will not enjoy having to go, but I must. There is still migration to tend to.

We will set sail with the tide to return to the landfall and make our way to Turia once again to finish up there and head for our wintering lands.

(Translation; When we finish up at Scagnar Sat we will rp setting sail. Come Sunday, we will be in the Ubara Nexhias Memorial Wilds using the pulldown 'On Thassa' or something to that effect. Then come Monday we will be back in Turia to finish up there and continue on with our migration rp.)

End Report


Title: Re: Migration Log winter 2017
Post by: RAGNAR on November 18, 2017, 11:45:36 PM
Entry 7

We have left Scagnar and are making our way Vasic once again. Hopefully we will reach the landfall of the Plains in good time to finish taking on supplies and proceeding with the march to our wintering lands.

(Begin rp tonight in our Nexi Wilds on Thassa. *S*)

End Report


Title: Re: Migration Log winter 2017
Post by: RAGNAR on November 19, 2017, 10:19:18 PM
Entry 8

The journey to and from Scagnar is complete. On the voyage home a serpent was taken unrelated to The Isle of its allies. It has been added to my other ship and renamed the Dreki, Dragon.

We will remain in Turia for only a couple days before continuing on with our migration. Get the supplies to will need and enjoy the luxuries Turi a has to offer. It is still cold but the weather front has passed. The food court is once again open.

Ares, a Haruspex... his Woman Ery, a Seamstress, and Rainalina, an Apprentice Healer... will be joining us for migration and there is a possibility they will call Tuchuk home. I hope my Family will make them feel welcome and assist them along the way.

Now, time for  bath, food, and some sleep.

End Report


Title: Re: Migration Log winter 2017
Post by: flame{NS} on November 20, 2017, 03:33:54 PM
oh goodie New
vic  oh i am so sorry New members
 yea good...i am sure everyone will br/show them the way around camp...
  moves off plotting  with an evil grin..( which btw stays on the face at all times just ask my twin ) hehehe   welcome anyways
Title: Re: Migration Log winter 2017
Post by: RAGNAR on November 21, 2017, 02:55:41 AM
Entry 9

Our three traveling companions have decided to make Tuchuk their home. Ares keeps referring to Rainalina as a spinster, but I have yet to see her spinning on anything. I will have to watch further and see this for myself.

Tuchuk continues to take on supplies, some in large quantities for camp use, but mostly items of personal use. Cultural exchange programs and beach discoveries have been kind to us and all goods secured from those ventures should see us to our wintering lands and to The Point where more supplies are to be had.

Two more days of Turia, and then we press on. (Fri)

Secure whatever you may need to get you to the wintering lands. Though natural born Tuchuks seem to do very well eating only meat, cheese, and eggs, foregoing that which comes from the ground, there are those of us who desire a bit more variety in our diet.

There does seem to be about a ten degree difference being inside or outside the walls of Turia. Keep this in mind when moving in and out of the City.

If your wagon need repairs, rebuilt, remodeling, get it into the repair yard ASAP. The Turians there are willing to work day and night to meet the deadline if you are willing to pay. The more time they have the less the cost!!!

End Report


Title: Re: Migration Log winter 2017
Post by: RAGNAR on November 24, 2017, 05:23:55 PM
Entry 10

Paravaci was hit by Kassar while migrating and suffered heavy losses in all areas. Bosk, Warriors, wagons, etc. Tuchuk assisted in helping them in to Turia, gifted some bosk, and rendered aid and comfort as needed. Their Ubar and his Son fell in the fighting, and before they will proceed they will choose a new Ubar. This is none of our concern. They will have to do this on their own.

Tuchuk will pull out and continue on our march to our wintering lands. The Haruspex gave warning regarding water. If only he knew. Finish up, return to the encampment and make ready to move. Outriders have been returning the team bosk since late last night.

It is still snowing and it is accumulating, but if it does not get worse our march is doable.

Keep an eye out for Kassar along our route.

End Report


Title: Re: Migration Log winter 2017
Post by: RAGNAR on November 25, 2017, 12:18:13 PM
Entry 11

We continue making progress towards our wintering lands.

Still no sign of Kassar along our line of march. The column has continued moving with only brief stops to water the stock and tend to the wagons. The sooner we clear the snows the sooner we can halt and give the teams a good rest. I doubt we can continue much longer without the rest.

As yet I have noticed no change in temperature or climate overall. I am confident we shall soon begin noticing change.

End Report


Title: Re: Migration Log winter 2017
Post by: RAGNAR on November 26, 2017, 10:37:30 PM
Entry 12

The teams need a better rest and better grazing. The ground we have been traveling has not been offering either in sufficient quantities. I am left with no choice but to seek higher ground, which means traversing a long gradual grade.

At least it is starting to warm. I believe we have left the snows behind us, and now only have to contend with possible rains, mud, and as always those who may try and take from us.

The temperatures at night are now dropping no lower than the upper forties, so the heavier winter wear may not be necessary, but warm clothing is still needed for a time yet.

All we can do is press on until we reach the higher ground.

End report


Title: Re: Migration Log winter 2017
Post by: RAGNAR on November 27, 2017, 10:36:03 PM
Entry 13

The risky gamble paid off. The grade was taken, though not without losses. Overall, the losses were minimal, but to those closest to the situations, I am sure they would not view it as minimal.

The column is currently halted in tall grass on high ground where it is soft, but nowhere near as muddy or as rough going as it has been.

From this vantage point, I am able to see flashes high in the mountain range Ror of us. That likely means storms which will make the River of Tears crossing two days from now as deadly as ever.

There is no choice, it will be crossed to reach our wintering lands.

All stock are to be tended, fed, and rested. Check the harnesses and wagons front to back, bottom to top and make sure they are fit enough for the challenge ahead.

NO exterior fires or lamps. Keep them all inside the wagons. On the high ground, we could be see a long distance away.

I am aware of injuries, but have no details. I will leave such to the Healers Log.

End Report


Title: Re: Migration Log winter 2017
Post by: RAGNAR on November 28, 2017, 11:06:17 PM
Entry 14

The column covered goo ground so long as we remained on high ground. The troubles began on the downward slope. Again losses were sustained.

Go over every bit of your wagons and teams.  Be ready to face the most difficult challenge of migration, The River of Tears. 

Plan on starting earlier than normal.

It should be challenging to make it across successfully.


End Report


Title: Re: Migration Log winter 2017
Post by: RAGNAR on November 29, 2017, 06:48:19 PM
Entry 15

The bosk are in no shape to attempt the crossing. They will need more time to graze and rest, and we will give it to them.

We may be under Kassar Scout eyes, but I see no way the entire Kassar camp could have caught up to us yet. Scouts for certain. A few Oralus, very possible. Their entire column, no. They too would have to fight the same terrain, the same mud, the same weather as we.

I have decided to take the crossing in stages.

We will rest the teams here (Until we can get back in the room to rp), and when rested the column will finish the distance to the crossing of the RoT and halt there to rest further before crossing (Giving us a night of rp to get back in the groove and to plan one night ahead for the crossing).

Then we cross the RoT when we are all fresh.

Until we move, keep an eye out for Strangers and the other Wagon Peoples. Tend the stock, make all repairs necessary to proceed. Eat well, and rest as much as possible after the work is done.

End Report


Title: Re: Migration Log winter 2017
Post by: RAGNAR on December 01, 2017, 02:53:07 AM
Entry 16

The rest seems to have helped. The teams seem better as do the people.

Our Scouts had a brief skirmish with Kassar Scouts and though our Scouts suffered no loses, injuries were sustained.

The herd and column are in position to begin the crossing at first light. (Early tonight)

Make all preparations to do so and remain alert for Strangers. Once across, continue moving until directed to halt. We will tend to matters at hand before pressing on to our wintering lands.

This is our last major obstacle.

Once we arrive, we are then able to venture to The Point for supplies and some relaxing pleasures.


End Report


Title: Re: Migration Log winter 2017
Post by: RAGNAR on December 01, 2017, 11:26:44 PM
Entry 17

Tuchuk has crossed the RoT. The number of casualties and loses are yet unknown. Often many find their way home rom downriver. Time will tell.

We suffered some extensive damage to some wagons, and not so extensive to others. It is safe to say all the wagons will need some work to various degrees. We did lose some wagons as well as their occupants. Such is to be expected, but one never gets used to it no matter how many times we make the crossing.

We will remain in place for the night. Make the repairs necessary to move again, see to the stock, then get some hot food and rest. Sides of bosk turn on spits over fires for all who wish to indulge.

All Healers and medical staff will unfortunately not get much rest. They will be tending casualties through the night.

I must tend my mount as he picked up something in his paw. Then I will make rounds getting a closer look at the cost of the crossing.

Well done Tuchuk!!!!!

End Report


Title: Re: Migration Log winter 2017
Post by: RAGNAR on December 03, 2017, 02:22:11 AM
Entry 18

After looking over the stock, the wagons, and the injured, Tuchuk remained in place another day and night. The grazing is good, water is in no short supply, and the column has pushed hard this march. It was needed.

We pull out in the morning and I am considering pushing straight through to our wintering lands without any stops longer than watering the stock and moving on again. Wee are within two days of where I wish to spend the winter.

Once there, and the camp is formed, the venture to The Point will be a welcomed respite from the march. I look forward to it. It is more relaxing than Turia, and supplies should be more plentiful and at a cheaper rate.

But for now, we must remain focused on matters at hand. Be ready to move again at first light and try to push on through.

End Report


Title: Re: Migration Log winter 2017
Post by: RAGNAR on December 03, 2017, 10:12:24 PM
Entry 19

Tuchuk is on the march again and making VERY good time. The column will continue moving through the night.

We now draw closer to our wintering lands. Just a but further to go.

End Report


Title: Re: Migration Log winter 2017
Post by: RAGNAR on December 04, 2017, 11:15:08 PM

Entry 20

The column continued onward at a good pace stopping only to briefly water and rest the stock and to gather wounded from a skirmish with Kassar Scouts. Tuchuk suffered no fatalities but did incur casualties.

Once the wounded were recovered, the column proceeded onward to our wintering lands. The column of march has formed into a single file to encircle the encampment area. Some wagons will be moved within the formation to assist in forming the camp from the inside out come daylight.

All Warriors will be on alert and positioned around the entire wagon file and encampment to provide security until the camp if formed and is no longer vulnerable to attack. The herd is grazing under the watchful eyes of Outriders.

When the column encircles the camp and comes to a halt, tend the stock, eat, and get some rest.

Forming the camp is always time consuming and draining physically.

Well done Tuchuk. Hang tough for a little while longer.

End Report


Title: Re: Migration Log winter 2017
Post by: RAGNAR on December 06, 2017, 05:46:11 PM
Entry 21

Migration is complete. Well done Tuchuk.

The camp has formed, building from the center outwards. The standard is up, troughs out, and sleen cages out.

Fine tuning is a work in progress as is the Commissary area.

All things in time will be completed. The camp is secured.

End Report