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Title: Gathering 2018
Post by: RAGNAR on December 06, 2017, 05:34:22 PM
Where:    Guilford Lake State Park Ohio

When:     Monday July 9th through Monday July 15th 2018 for those wishing extended stay, or join us for any part thereof!!! The most fun is usually had over the full weekend.

Cost:       $24.00 a night per campsite, $25.00 Fri and Sat nights (Misc costs see below)   
Time:       Check-in 3PM... Checkout 1PM

Reservations can be made starting January 2018!!!!! Save up and get your reservations in!!!!!


Registration is by reservation. Sites 1 - 4 are local walk-in sites. Sites 5 - 41 are by reservation. We can stop in the office or call 1-866-644-6727. I am looking to get us all in one area, preferably starting with site 11 lakeside as in the past.  HOWEVER... we will take what we can get so long as we all are together or as close as possible. Everything is within easy walking distance, so if you are unable to get a site right in the main area we seek, it is not a big deal... even for wheelchair use. There are paved areas that are easily accessible to every site!!!  For those who like to get there early, you will be charged the night before if you arrive before 6AM, and you will be charged another day if not out by 1PM.

Bicycling is permitted in the campground but not after dark.

Those visiting people camping may visit from 6AM to 10PM.

Two (2) pets permitted per campsite but must remain leashed.

No firearms or fireworks... this goes without saying.

No alcohol. Rag's interpretation... keep it quiet, responsible and in plain cups with bottles and cans hidden and there should not be an issue, but get hammered at your own risk. Our Gatherings have always been responsible before, so I see no reason why that should change now. Bring a good insulated cup/mug with straw or spout and be adults and there should be no reason to question. It IS nice to have a couple drinks just to relax with friends and family. This IS PUBLIC STATE LAND and open container and public intoxication laws of Ohio apply!!!

Fires permitted only in stoves, grills, or designated areas.  Leave no fire unattended.

NOISE must be kept to a minimum between 11PM and 7AM.

The park has a dumping station for waste water. USE IT. There are also drinking fountains and spigots for usable water.

Ice is available on site, though a bit steep. There are also a couple soda machines.

No collecting firewood or cutting down trees. I usually supply.

A campsite may not be occupied by more than six people. Parents with multiple children excepted.

No trespassing on other people's sites. We seem to be the only ones that adhere to this. They can dredge for their bodies later.

Camping Equipment Limited To;

1.)  One tent or tents having a separate or combined floor space not in excess of 200 sq ft or

2.)  One bus, travel trailer, house vehicle, motor home, station wagon, motorcycle, car, truck, van, pickup camper (None of these may exceed 35 feet in length) in combination with a tent or tents listed above.

3.)  One motor vehicle, in addition to one of the above mentioned vehicle, may be parked on the site parking pad in lieu of other vehicles.

We have plenty of room if we get our lakeside camping areas. We will find a way to squeeze people in. No worries.


A fishing license is required to fish. As woob and I are usually out fishing before July, we will post if the fishing is good or not before money is spent on an out of state license. Some years are good here... and some suck. You never know until you fish it and see.

There is a staffed office and workers at the campground.

Ice machines and soda machines, canoe, party barge, and paddle boat rentals.

There is firewood available for purchase on site, and I will be bringing wood as well. (SSshhhhh... theirs is expensive!!!!!)

There is a small beach at the campground, a small playground, showers and heads. There is also various gaming stuff available from the park office for use. As a family, we do welcome kids!!! We have always been family oriented, and do quite well except for the occasional slip of the lip, but we do try to avoid such.

There is a larger public beach not far away with facilities and parking as well, and a swing-set.

There is also an ice cream stand open during summer hours nearby the beach.


In addition to the site fee(s), in 2015 everyone usually did their own thing for meals and drinks. We simply ate together. Most cooking was done by Doug for the group. This seemed to work out pretty well. We will work along these lines again this Gathering, tentatively, but do plan on bringing funds for various miscellaneous expenses that arise. IE, propane, firewood, paper plates, plastics, and napkins/paper towels. We do approach this as a family, and families share. None go without, but do not take advantage. Share and share alike!!!

If you do not have much in the way of camping gear, do not worry about it. If you have a tent, a chair, a flashlight, and something to sleep on/in, we can usually help with the rest. We set up a main commissary and main fire area, so that covers almost all the required needs.

This seems like a lot for a Gathering, but it is mostly rules and regs for the campsite. My rules are much simpler. Have fun but be responsible... remember we are a family and our kids do attend... keep the drinking low key and the noise level low ... and if Raziel, woob, Sid, Doug, or myself ask you to do something if you may be getting a bit loud or something, just listen and be cool about it all. We are all there to have fun and build memories to last us all a lifetime!!!!!

More info and such will be posted as it is gathered.

Pics in following post.

DO NOTE... the site fees are subject to change, but I do not expect them to change. If they do, the change will be minimal.

Any questions you may have can be fielded my myself, Raziel, or Sidona.

Do bear in mind this is OHIO. Weather changes drastically in a very short time!!! Be prepared for rain, broiling sun and heat, or downright cold!!!

On a different note, with regards to showers, disability showers are also available large enough for wheelchairs, shower chairs etc, and these come with an upper and lower shower-head. One or both may be used. As I discovered the hard way, if you use these showers, turn the water on BEFORE stepping into it. One can receive a very rude awakening being hit squarely in the nether regions with cold water until the hot water clears the pipes!!! Rest assured you will immediately be wide awake. Bring a pair of shower shoes (flip-flops) for use in the showers. They are cleaned and maintained, but not after each individual use.

We intend to try and get lakeside lots. If using tents, remember to bring some good stakes and extra rope. If weather blows in, the wind coming over the water can become rather harsh at times.

If you wish to travel light, and are interested, you can ship your larger items to woob and I, and we will get it to the campground for you. This should help a great deal for those who my be traveling by air, bike, etc. Just get ahold of me so we can work out the details.

Title: Re: Gathering 2018
Post by: RAGNAR on December 06, 2017, 05:36:10 PM

The camping area to the right as you enter showing playground.

Various site areas and scenery.





Shower and head facilities.






Parking and potable water source.



Canoe and paddle boat rentals and part of campground beach.


Firewood trailer.


Boat launch and dock.


Electric box on sites. A good look at what you can use. It seems the bases are covered.


Large Public Beach.



Ice Cream close to public beach.


Pictures were taken out of season.

Title: Re: Gathering 2018
Post by: RAGNAR on December 06, 2017, 05:37:40 PM
Those planning on attending thus far;

Raziel & Jill
Sidona & Doug
Rags & woob

Title: Re: Gathering 2018
Post by: RAGNAR on January 08, 2018, 04:33:24 AM

Woob and I are confirmed!!!!!

Lot 11 as usual.

We are going out a day early to take our time setting up and to relax. So we will arrive Sunday July 8th and leave Monday morning July 16th.
Title: Re: Gathering 2018
Post by: Raziel on January 08, 2018, 07:55:47 PM
Lot 15 locked down.

Title: Re: Gathering 2018
Post by: chanz{Sid} on January 09, 2018, 12:31:53 AM
Watch for a strange shadow....you never know...grins....
Title: Re: Gathering 2018
Post by: Sidona on January 09, 2018, 11:13:24 AM
and we have lot 13! So lots 11,13, and 15 are good to go!
Title: Re: Gathering 2018
Post by: Raziel on January 28, 2018, 01:26:15 AM
Anyone else coming?

Title: Re: Gathering 2018
Post by: RAGNAR on January 28, 2018, 05:41:39 PM
Anyone else coming?


Several intend to, but as yet nothing in stone.
Title: Re: Gathering 2018
Post by: RAGNAR on January 29, 2018, 06:07:00 PM

So Far Those Intending;

Rags & woobie.......................... Confirmed
Raziel & Jill................................ Confirmed
Sidona & Doug.......................... Confirmed
NightStorm & flame...................

Title: Re: Gathering 2018
Post by: Melanie on February 07, 2018, 11:45:02 PM
on this front. i still plan to attend. some things are a lil up in the air at the moment, tryin to make 2018 better than 2017. lol. anyway. will letcha know when i buy a ticket. wasnt sure what airport i was going to fly out of.