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Title: The Point Resupply
Post by: RAGNAR on January 05, 2018, 12:38:58 PM

Entry 1

Tuchuk has left the harigga heading for The Point to take on supplies, barter goods, and to see what we can get into.

We have taken over 100 freighters plus a few auxiliary wagons, extra bosk teams as well as yokes, harnessing, and chains.

The 1st and 2nd Oralu's are providing escort.

The column made good time and traveled most of the night until stopping for water and to take a short rest. Make the most of it. We press on come daylight.

End Report

Title: Re: The Point Resupply
Post by: RAGNAR on January 06, 2018, 05:46:58 PM

Entry 2

Goo progress continues, pausing only when necessary.

It seems one such pause was to allow my lovable thugs to loot several hundred Paravaci Warrior corpses left where they fell, cut down by Kassar in a poor attempt to take the Kassar column.

It seems many of our non-Warriors are not happy with field rations, and a couple are having issues getting used to meat warmed beneath their saddles. The grasses are certainly being well fertilized.

The column has stopped for the night among the cool springs to water the stock, refill barrels and botas, eat, and sleep before moving on. With luck we should arrive at The Point on the next move or be very close to it.

End Report


Title: Re: The Point Resupply
Post by: RAGNAR on January 06, 2018, 10:44:17 PM

Entry 3

We arrived at The Point just prior to dark. We took our place in the encampment area after obtaining supplies for the night from Merchants set up along the outside of the palisade wall. Nothing in bulk, but plenty to eat well this night.

Come the morn, we will enter when the encampment gate opens. Enjoy your stay but remember to stock up on much needed supplies while we are here.

End Report


Title: Re: The Point Resupply
Post by: RAGNAR on January 08, 2018, 04:29:44 AM

We have entered The Point!

Every person, free and slave has received a cord with wooden chits, markers if you will, each one stamped with a service already paid for to use at The Point. A room at the Inn, one meal a day, bath house use, laundry services, etc. (Use your imagination within reason for Point Facilities only, not merchant or vendor items)

Each slave has been gifted one silver to spend as they wish. Privately owned slaves get permission to spend such.

Non-perishable goods can be purchased and loaded at any time. Perishable goods should be purchased closer to the time we leave to avoid spoilage in the heat during our stay.

This is a resupply venture, but do remember to relax and enjoy yourselves while at The Point.

Loans are available to those in need, to be repaid interest free before we begin migration South again. Clan Elders are encouraged to make use of this offer in order to keep your Clans running smoothly if needed. See any Council Member to arrange a loan.

Do not start trouble. Such things are dealt with harshly by Madison and Reyah inside The Point. Outside the palisade, that is on you.

Enjoy and get those deals!!!!!

If you purchase bulk goods for camp use, please list them in this thread so we know what is needed and what is not. Some items can not be gotten in large enough quantities, so if you see some items listed more than once, that is fine. Such items might include Sugars, salt, pepper, item with long shelf life, etc.

Title: Re: The Point Resupply
Post by: Medi on January 09, 2018, 10:52:53 PM
...Bought some Medical Supplies...all that the Merchant had...

IV Bottles...68 cases
Syringes...76 cases
Bandages...89 crates
Suture sets...54 cases
Slips...96 cases
Clamps...38 cases
Medicinal Alcohol...43 crates

Price...14 golds, 18 silvers, and 35 coppers

Didn't get charged for the bandage that Aslaug played with
Title: Re: The Point Resupply
Post by: Medi on January 11, 2018, 10:28:41 PM
...Purchased everything that the Tea and Herb Merchant had that we needed...He didn't have much...all was purchased for the Medical Wagon

Black Pepper, 10 cases....2 Silvers, 40 coppers
Arro Tincture, 3 cases...72 coppers
Bazi Tea, 50 cases...3 Silvers, 50 coppers

...Placed the receipt in my parfleche, and kind of smiled as I went off to find my 'Two Terrible Tots'...I figured that would not be difficult...they had conned their older sister into buying them some chocolate drinks... ;)
Title: Re: The Point Resupply
Post by: Sidona on January 12, 2018, 12:39:59 PM
Working on getting supplies for camp.
So far this is what I've bought...

Onions- 5000 gw sacks-4 copper ea
mushrooms- 2,000 flats-5 copper ea
garlic- 500 flats - 5 copper ea
cabbage-500 crates-10 copper ea
apricots-2,000 crates - 20 copper ea
larmas-4000 crates - 20 copper ea
ka la na-2000 crates - 15 copper ea
peaches-4000 crates - 20 copper ea
Title: Re: The Point Resupply
Post by: Sidona on January 12, 2018, 12:58:44 PM
my second entry on shopping for camp. Onions are popular!

Flour-500 barrels - 5 silver ea
Potatoes- 2500 two Gorean weight sacks, wagon included, 10 DWG
Black pepper, two hundred barrels.  twenty-five copper each for a hundred, and I will throw in the other hundred barrels of pepper free to sweeten the deal.
Yellow sugar - 1000 barrels, 3 gw. 5 silver ea
Chocolate - 1000 2 stone bags - 1 silver ea
Blackwine - 1000 2 stone bags - 1 silver ea
Pickles - 3 barrels - thrown in with the chocolate
Carrots - 400 crates - 3 copper ea
Katch - 400 crates - 3 copper ea
Vanilla flavoring - 1 case - 2 copper
Onions - 1000 2 gw sacks - 3 copper ea
Title: Re: The Point Resupply
Post by: Medi on January 14, 2018, 08:05:11 PM
...Met a 'Back Alley Dealer'

Got 500 cases of valerian, 100 units per case.  2000 silver pieces...he didn't want gold.  I didn't argue...but I did go to the FW baths and got a massage and soaked for a while in a hot tub after the products were verified and delivered...hauling that much silver was hard... :P
Title: Re: The Point Resupply
Post by: Sidona on January 16, 2018, 11:25:55 AM
Seamstress clan resupply

For the Ubara and Healer's clan-
100 spools white silk thread containing 100 Ah-ral of the stuff. (500 yard spools) - 3 copper a spool.

400 bolts of heavy rep cloth - 10 copper ea
400 bolts of light rep cloth - 3 copper ea
straight pins - 50 boxes, 1000 count - 5 copper a box
needles - 25 boxes, 1000 count - 8 copper a box
embroidery needles - 3 boxes, 100 count - 5 copper ea
chalk - round sticks - 50 boxes, 200 count - 5 copper ea. Flat- 75 boxes, 400 count - 7 copper ea
sewing boxes - 25 - 3 silver
pincushions - 25 wrist cushions - 2 bits ea
scissors - 25 pair, 8 copper ea
measuring tapes - 50 - 5 bits ea

Fabric - black, red, blue, white...and to a lesser degree, yellow, green, pink, purple, and other assorted colors.
100 bolts of each color - 5 copper a bolt. Purple is 7 coppers

100 spools of ribbons - assorted colors - a copper a spool

Thread - a hundred spools to a case and those run four copper.
Black and white thread - 200 cases.
40 cases of - brown, red, green, and blue.

Embroidery thread - 3 cases (24 spools) each of - black, red, blue, green and white. One case each of yellow, graple, pink and brown