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PTJ Foundational Quote: Verna's Alliance With Rask of Treve
« on: March 24, 2010, 08:22:14 PM »
One of the constant criticisms of PClaw's roleplay with other Homes, and my alliances with various men; is that it's not realistic.  The base-premise of this argument is that a real Gorean man would collar me in a minute, not make alliances with me.  Then, when I cite Rask of Treve, who is described as "one of the most dreaded Warriors on all of Gor"; my critics say that is an exception.  This is ridiculous.  We only see a brief slice of Verna's life, maybe one year.  For all we know, she may have had a dozen such allies.

I don’t see how this passage could be read any other way than that Rask treats Verna like an equal.  I also want to point out that there is no indication that Verna is dressed any differently than when we last saw her.  We also know that she is wearing a knife on her belt, from a previous mention of it.

Verna had her own tent in the camp of Rask of Treve, though often, when he was in camp, she dined with him. sometimes, too, she would range beyond the palisade, beyond which other girls were not permitted, to walk and hunt.

It was not infrequently that Verna requested that it be I who would tend her tent, and prepare her food, and serve her. I, collared, did so, fearfully. But she was not more cruel to me than to any other female slave assigned such servile duties. I effaced myself as much as possible, serving her as unobtrusively and anonymously as I could. She tended to ignore me, as one would a female work slave. I made certain I pleased her in all respects, for I greatly feared her.

Then, one night, on a feast night, for Rask had returned with new fair prisoners, Verna feasted in his own tent, and I, to my amazement, was ordered to serve them. Other girls had prepared the repast, which, for the war camp, was sumptuous indeed, containing even oysters from the delta of the Vosk, a portion of the plunder of a tarn caravan of Ar, such delicacies having been intended for the very table of Marlenus, the Ubar of that great city itself. I served the food, and poured the wines, and kept their goblets filled, remaining as much in the background as possible.

They talked of hunting, and war, and of the northern forests, as though I was not there.

Sometimes Verna would say, “Drink,” and I would pour wine into her goblet, saying, “Yes, Mistress,” and sometimes Rask of Treve would command me, saying “Drink,” and I would then, similarly, serve him, saying “Yes, Master.”

Verna sat cross-legged, like a man. I knelt, as a serving slave.

She threw me one of the oysters.

“Eat, Slave,” she said.

I ate.

In so doing this, she, the guest, had signified that I might now feed. It is a not uncommon Gorean courtesy, in such situations, to permit the guest to grant the feeding permission to the slaves present.

“Thank you, Mistress,” I said.

Rask of Treve then threw me a piece of meat, that I might satisfy my hunger, for I had not been fed.

With my hands I ate the meat, a collared slave, while the free persons drank, and conversed.

Rask of Treve snapped his fingers. “Approach me, El-in-or,” he said.

I bolted down the meat. I approached him, across the low table behind which he sat on the rugs.

He extended his goblet to me. “Drink,” he said, offering me the cup.

I looked at the rim of the cup. I shook with terror. “A slave girl dares not touch with her lips the rim of that cup which has been touched with the lips of her master,” I whispered.

“Excellent,” said Verna.

“She was trained in the pens of Ko-ro-ba,” said Rask of Treve.

He then, from his own cup, poured some wine into a small bowl, which he handed to me.

“Thank You, Master,” I breathed.

With his head back Rask of Treve gestured me to one side, and  I went and knelt to one side, as I had before.

I put back my head and drank the wine. It was Ka-la-na wine. I felt it almost immediately.

“I have a surprise for you,” Rask was telling Verna.

“Oh?” she asked.

I put down the wine cup, to one side.

Rask of Treve looked at me. He was in an expansive mood. He cut a large slice of juicy bosk meat. My mouth watered. He smiled, and then he threw it to me. I caught it, happily, and with two hands, began to feed on it.

“What is the surprise?” asked Verna.

Rask clapped his hands once, and four musicians, who had been waiting outside, entered the tent. And took a place to one side. Two had small drums, one a flute, the other a stringed instrument.

Rask clapped his hands twice, sharply. And the black-haired, green-eyed, olive-skinned slave girl stood before him. “Put her in slave bells,” said Rask, to one of the musicians. The musician fastened leather cuffs, mounted each with three rows of bells, on her wrists and ankles.

“Please, Master,” begged the girl, “not before a woman.” She referred to Verna. I was only a slave.

Rask of Treve threw the girl one of the oysters, from a silver plate on the low, wooden table.

“Eat it,” he said.

 There was a rustle of slave bells. She complied with the dictum of her master.

“It was destined for the table of Marlenus of Ar,” said Rask of Treve.

“Yes, Master,” said the girl.

She stood facing him.

Verna and I watched.

“Remove your garment,” said Rask of Treve.

“Please, Master,” she begged.

“Remove it,” said Rask of Treve.

The beautiful, olive-skinned girl parted the garment and dropped it to one side.

“You may now dance, Talena,” said Rask of Treve.

The girl danced.

“She is not bad,’ said Verna.

“Do you know who she is?” asked Rask of Treve, eating a piece of meat.

“No,” said Verna. “Who is she?”

“Talena,” said Rask, smiling, “the daughter of Marlenus of Ar.”

Verna looked at him, dumbfounded, and then she laughed a great laugh, and slapped her knee. “Splendid!” she cried. “Splendid!”

She leaped to her feet and, closely, moving about her, examined the girl as she danced, now slowly, to a barbaric, adagio melody. “Splendid!” cried Verna. “Splendid!”

Now the melody became more swift, and it burned like flame in the girl’s slave body.

“Give her to me!” cried Verna.

“Perhaps,” said Rask of Treve.

“I am the enemy of Marlenus of Ar!” cried Verna. “Give her to me!:

“I, too, am the enemy of Marlenus of Ar,” said Rask. He held out his goblet and I, the meat on which I was feeding clenched between my teeth, filled it.

“I will well teach her the meaning of slavery in the northern forests!” cried Verna,.

I could see fear in the girl’s eyes, as she danced. I continued to eat the piece of meat on which I had been feeding.

She was beautiful and helpless as she danced, before her enemies. The firelight glinted on her collar, which had been placed on her throat by Rask of Treve. But I did not feel sorry for her. She was no business of mine. She was only another slave.

“I have taught her something of slavery already,” smiled Rask of Treve.

The girl’s eyes seemed agonized, as she danced.

“How is she?” asked Verna, who had now again resumed her place, seating herself cross-legged by Rask of Treve’s side.

“Superb,” said Rask of Treve.

Humiliation and shame shone in the eyes of the dancing slave girl.

“Where did you get her?’ asked Verna.

“I acquired her about a year ago,” said Rask of Treve, “from a merchant of Tyros, who was traveling by caravan overland to Ar, with the intention of returning her, for a recompense, to Marlenus of Ar.”

“What did she cost you?” asked Verna.

“I do not buy women,” said Rask of Treve.

I shuddered.

“It is marvelous!” cried Verna. “Your secret camp lies within the very realm of Ar itself! Splendid! And in this camp you keep the daughter of your worst enemy, the daughter of the Ubar of great Ar itself, as slave! Magnificent!”

I watched the girl dancing, the slave.

Rask clapped his hands again, twice, sharply. The musicians stopped, and the girl stopped dancing. “This is enough, Slave Girl,” he said.

She turned to flee from the tent.

“Do not forget your garment, Girl,” said Verna.

The slave girl reached down and snatched up the bit of red silk she had dropped aside and, holding it, with a jangle of slave bells, fled from the tent of her master.

Rask of Treve, and Verna, laughed.

I had finished my meat.

They again held out their goblets, and I again filled them.

“Tonight,” said Rask of Treve to me, “because we have brought in new prisoners, there will be feasting and pleasure.”

“Yes, Master,” I said.

“So go to Ute,” he said, “and tell her to lock you in the shed.”

“Yes, Master,” I said.

“Why do you not give Talena to me?’ asked Verna, of Rask of Treve.

“Perhaps I shall,” said Rask of Treve. “I must think about it.”

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Re: PTJ Foundational Quote: Verna's Alliance With Rask of Treve
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It needs to be noted that the scene takes place in Rask's War Camp, which is in the territory of Ar, south of the Vosk and inside the Margain of Desolation.  This is pretty far from the Forest.  It might even be closer to the Jungle than it is the Forest.

Verna got there on tarnback, with Rask or one of his men.

Which is why it is important to have Mercenary Tarnsmen in our Jungle, so we can travel like Verna.

This is the scene where Rask is taking Elinor to the War Camp.  Verna

The tarn streaked on.

Once, he said to me, “We are crossing the Vosk.”

I knew then we were within the territory of Ar, and must be high over the Margin of Desolation

Later, there is further description of the secret War Camp:

I wandered about the camp. It was a war camp, lying in a remote, hilly area, covered with trees. I supposed it to be somewhere in the realm of Ar, perhaps to its northeast, among the foothills of the Voltai range. It was a typical Gorean war camp, though small. It had its compound where tarns were hobbled, and its cooking and washing sheds. There were many warriors about, perhaps a hundred or more, the men of Rask of Treve, and perhaps a hundred or more, lovely ones, in brief work tunics, busying themselves with their tasks, cooking, cleaning leather, polishing shields.

How did Verna get there?

Four days after Inge and Rena, and other new girls, had been brought to the secret war camp of Rask of Treve, the tarnsman, and his fierce men, again returned from the work of warriors.

Again there was excitement in the camp.

I heard one of the girls cry out, “How beautiful she is!”

I supposed a new female had been brought to the camp.
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