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Explaining the PTJ Room Concept
« on: April 15, 2010, 09:42:36 PM »
If I had just started with this thread, Ragnar and I felt there may have been too much criticism.  But now, everything controversial about this thread has been covered in the Foundational Threads and Foundational Quotes.

Panther Claw Jungle is a major departure from Panther/Taluna Lairs of the past.  It is not modeled after any one example from the books, but rather a combination of different things from different books.

There has not been a viable Panther Lair in at least five years.  The old PantherClaw and the old Wildwoods were the last real bands, and neither was viable in its last years.  We simply could not keep enough members to have critical mass for interactive roleplay.

This was for three reasons.  Most Gorean women come here to interact with strong Gorean men.  While there are many women who prefer (or enjoy) submissive men – it’s not really Gorean.  Women who prefer that kind of man have much better pickings somewhere else.  But, increasingly, as strong men stopped hunting Panthers, the only men Panthers were roleplaying with were subbies.  This was the thing that made me close the Old Lair.  I just could not stand to roleplay one more word with a willing subbie-male.

As the professional dominatrix said (on Fresh Air): "In the beginning, it did feel pretty powerful to act out those roles, but after a little while it wasn't my fantasy in most cases.  In a lot of ways, [enacting the scenarios] felt more humiliating to me than it did to them."  Dominating men was not my fantasy, and it was theirs to be dominated; so who was really serving whose pleasure?

Another strong reason is travel.  When there is nothing going on in most homes, those people can travel.  Every couple months, they can take a break from their regular roleplay and go to the Fair.  The third reason is interaction with other Homes.  Most Homes have allies that their members can visit.  These Homes may have friendly raids, or joint roleplay.  But Panthers have long been denied all of these things.  So it had become impossible for Panther Lairs to compete for members with other kinds of Homes.

I could go off on a broad digression here, and make a case that this was deliberate.  That traditional Gorean Homes would rather have us playing slaves and FW in their Homes than running loose in the Forest, so these more numerous Homes used The Tyranny of the Majority to continually evolve rules that discriminated against Panthers, and made playing a Panther increasingly less fun.  As an example, PG had long had a rule against Panthers going to the Sardar Fair, because “it would be too far and too risky for Panthers to get there.”  Regardless of the fact that on the official PG map of Gor, the Sardar is closer to the Forest than anywhere else.  Nobody cares how far and dangerous it is for a Tahari woman to get there, but no Panthers can go there.  Now they have changed the Rule to say that disguises are prohibited, so Panthers/Talunas can’t go there.

The point is, that I knew I had to come up with a room design that equalized these disadvantages, which had so hobbled Panther Lairs in the past.  I had to work out a scheme that allowed FM in the Home, allowed Panthers to travel, and gave us a chance to roleplay with other Homes.

There is some foundation in the books for this, with Rim and Grenna.  He’s a FM and she’s a Panther, and they’re a couple, at the end of Hunters.  What I realized is that, rather than having FM and Panthers living in adjoining huts, or sharing them – it might be more Gorean to have the FM and Panthers living separately, but sharing the same area of jungle.  If they have non-aggression and mutual-defense pacts, they can be allies and friends, without the tension of living together.  There is foundation for this kind of alliance, with Rask and Verna.  We set it up to have two groups of FM, Pirates and Mercenaries, so the Talunas could be on the Balance of Power.  Except for the Talunas in the middle, keeping the peace, the Pirates and Mercs might go to war and wipe each other out.

To solve the travel problem, we had to be able to pull off disguises.  The quote from Beasts, tells us Panthers are willing to go in disguise as FW or slaves, and probably get away with it. So we practiced going in disguise during our voyage, and learned enough to pull off impersonating different Castes.

For interacting with other Homes, I thought, how about if we open up roleplay with Homes that have never roleplayed with Panthers, because they are too far from the Forest?  That’s where the idea came from to be Talunas.

The Talunas of PClaw are Panthers because we have been Panthers for years, and we didn’t change anything except where we live.  We’re Talunas, because now, we live in the Jungle.  We’re FW, because we are not collared, and we can all pass for FW, some of us with Castes in which we are knowledgeable and proficient.

Because the Talunas are alliance-builders, and because they want to pass as FW with certain traders, they want to encourage development of the beach/jungle area where they live.  So anybody can live in our jungle, whether they want to join one of the sub-homes or not, as long as they work it out in roleplay, or stay out of the way.

We’re going to build as we go.  What are we gonna build, I don’t know.  That will be up to the people who roleplay here and what we do in roleplay.

It’s not going to be like anything from any specific book, but it is gonna be like all the books.  It’s what could have happened with Rim and Grenna after Hunters.  We don’t know, we can’t know.  JN left it to us to make up what we think would have happened.
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Re: Explaining the PTJ Room Concept
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2010, 01:01:03 PM »
I feel no matter where we live it is the highly creative people we role play with that makes our home great. Since I came to Panther Claw ( Going on six years now) I have heard of other homes where all the free men do is sit around a fire and “chat”. I am grateful the men in our home are not like that. I have heard that all slaves in some of the other homes get to do is dance or server while being ignored by the person that asked them to server to begin with. I am glade our home is not like that. I have heard of free women that act like slaves in private or Mistress’ in private with their FC. I am glade we are not like that.

To me what makes a home is not where it is located but the people in it and how creative they are. A lot of people on boards put down Kimba and or Panther Claw no matter what we do. Where are these people when we are doing in depth role play? I remember nights back in the old lair when it was just me and Kimba and we would role play for eight hours or more at a time so in depth I remembered the rp for weeks. The rp seemed real at the time because we where both into it and not just sitting around some fire asking for more food or drink from a girl who works her rear off only to be ignored. I am grateful I do not have to watch a slave be ignored I think I would tell the FW or FM off that did that. It is a crying shame real creative people are treated like that, but I say with pride NOT in Panther Claw!

I am not sure why you feel the need to explain our actions at all Kimba to a group of people who just sit around a fire and are about as creative as an ant. But you’re the leader and I am proud to be part of the home. A real home where people role play and create some pretty amazing things.

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Re: Explaining the PTJ Room Concept
« Reply #2 on: May 18, 2010, 06:44:38 PM »
I second Taspan's thoughts.  I have been to other rooms and sites, and also wonder about the r/p.  I have seen girls r/p for a while, and then leave, because all they were told to do was serve, and then told to feel 'honored' to be ignored the rest of the time, with no thought ever being given by the Free as to the girl's needs and the reason why she chose to try to r/p.  I have seen it apply to thralls, FW and FM, also.  It made me feel sad, I think that we all come here to the Net to r/p to have fun, and to express a different side of ourselves, and to briefly escape r/t.

I am very new to Panther Claw, and have found the r/p to be amazing.  I have been challenged to 'think outside of the box', and to learn more about Gor, and technical issues.  I am also being challenged to learn more about me, and it has been painful at times, but also very empowering.  I look forward to when I can r/p and see those who enjoy seeing me appear on the screen, we have a nice time.  I have really come to believe that I can become a good Gorean r/p' has added to my v/t life.

Thank you, Kim...(And, thank you, One Other...HUGGGGGGSSSSS)

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