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Tags, and HTML Code in the Room
« on: April 26, 2010, 03:05:56 PM »
Before I forget, PClaw Lair does not use physical tags in any way.  There is no giving of tags, wearing of tags, turning in tags….  Tags are a roleplay convention that does not that does not appear in the books.  Using OOC tags to facilitate roleplay is what we do.

The Private Board uses HTML code, so I have never been able to post examples of code there, because you can’t see the code.

High Girls are supposed to be able to help newbies with their tags.  LOL!  Not the other way around.

The basic principle of HTML coding is that what you type between karets, does not display as what you typed, but what the code represents.  These are the karets: < and >.  What you type (or paste) between karets does not appear in the room.

The simplest kind of HTML code you need to know is this:
<img src=>.

This means, instead of displaying the letters, the room will display the picture at that web address.  The code part, “img src=” never changes.  This particular code is really usefull, because you can just paste it in the dialog box, and it will display the Lair Map.

The other kind of HTML code you need to know is this:
<b>text here displays in bold</b>

The <b> code tells the server to display whatever text follows in bold, until it reaches the </b> code and then go back to regular text.

So the two kinds of code are:
1)   a code that displays something or does something, by itself
2)   a code that tells the server how to display something

Here are some examples of simple codes that can enhance roleplay:

*seeing you sleepwalking towards  the edge of the cliff, I scream:*<br><font size=6><b>Taspan</b> wake up!

That puts a line break after my description, so that the statement starts on a new line, and then displays in huge letters, with Taspan’s name in bold.

Ragnar’s tip (which he taught to me long ago): When you use HTML code in the room, it’s a real good idea to PM your post to yourself, and make sure it works, before reposting the post to someone else.

Now, I will build a set of tags, simultaneously introducing new codes and explaining them.


This would display everything centered, the name, and a line break, so what she says, goes on the next line after her name.

Then we give her some color and a home.

<center><font color=red>trina<br><font color=db7093>PantherClaw Taluna Lair<br>

There are named colors and custom colors.  Red is a named color, and db7093 is a custom color that is a blend of different colors defined by the letter or digit in each place.

Db7093 is the Lair Color, as the Kataii Color (according to Nomads) is yellow.  All slave tags are to display the name of the Lair in this color.  It also goes on their collars.

Now we are going to adjust the sizes of the text in each line of the tags, and add a ghost tag.  Note that there are two ways to apply more than one font code to a selection of text.

<font size=1 color=gray><center><font color=pink><font size=4>trina<br><font color=db7093 size=2>PantherClaw Taluna Lair<br><font size=3 color=pink>

Why would I not combine pink color and size 4 in one command, like I did the other times?  There are complicated reasons having to do with the </font> command that make you sometimes want to do it as separate commands, and other times as one.

Here are shebari’s full tags:
<font size=1 color=d2691e>===redsilk kajira===<center><img src= alt=”Dangerously HOT!  Handle with care!”><br><FONT face=rockwell size=4><i>==shebari==</i></font><font color=db7093 size=3 face=alba><b>{PClaw}</b></font><br><font size=2 color=db7093></i>PantherClaw Taluna Lair, WM</i><br><font size=3 color=d2691e>

I like to give a kajira the same color for her name, and her speech.  It helps me keep them sorted out in a busy room.  The === around her ghost tag, are separators, so her name doesn’t display on the whochat and whoto as something like redsilk kajiraSheb.  Or worse.  I love it when a Slaver forgets to use spacers, and they show up on the whochat as something like [/i]SebastianSlave[/i].  

The text “Dangerously ….” is a mouseover.  When somebody moves their mouse over the pic, the text within quote marks appears as a flag.  I also applied a particular font style to just her name, and a different one to just her collar.

All PClaw collars are to use that color and font to signify the insignia of the Lair.  Note that the </font> command must be used so that the alba font is NOT used on the rest of the tags.

For Talunas, these were Taspan’s original tags, and they make a good template.  Except you can’t use her avi, the name of the Lair is different, and we’re not on DSC anymore.

<center><img src=><br><font color=goldenrod size=4>Taspan<br><font size=3>Panther Scout<br><font color=db7093>**Panther Claw Lair, DSC**<br>
<font color=goldenrod>

The three lines of the tags, are still as we do it today, Name, Rank, Home.

The other thing we need to do with tags, is use them to signify a long-term status, such as a physical location aboard ship.  So adding that to Tasp's tags, we'd do something like this:

<center><img src=><br><font color=goldenrod size=4>Taspan<br><font size=3>Panther Scout<br><font color=db7093>**Panther Claw Lair, DSC**<br>~aboard the light galley <i>Exhausted Contentment</i>~<br><font color=goldenrod>

The <i> is just like bold, except it is italics.

PS: There will be a test.

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Re: Tags, and HTML Code in the Room
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2010, 05:48:08 PM »
(sitting and eating paste from the 'cut' and 'paste' edit p/d...eyes get wide)

"A test?  Will it be 'open book'? there a 'review course' I can take...what is a passing score".

(To self)...'well, there goes my lifetime GPA'.
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Re: Tags, and HTML Code in the Room
« Reply #2 on: May 11, 2010, 07:18:08 AM »
*nodding as I reread this and think*

If you do not mind another bit of information to assist the Home, another way to do a separator (kind of like I did in the room last night) is to put &nbsp; before and after that which you would like as a ghost tag.

Here is an example from my tag of yesterday

<font color=black> &nbsp; Richard  of Laura &nbsp; </font> <center><img src= align=left><font color=F5F5F5><a href= target=new>Richard of Laura </a></font><br><font color=DAA520>Merchant</font><br>| PantherClaw Pirate Cove -  |<br><br>

I do not know what the law is on black ghost tags, but I do it as (at least now) my ghost tag is my name. That is a little something I had picked up in my travels outside of Gor. IF I decide to change my ghost tag to something else (like a description or something like that) I will remove the black font so it will be visible in the room if others object.
OOC - Rick