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Departing PClaw
« on: October 09, 2010, 10:06:04 PM »
With considerable regret, I must announce my decision to leave PClaw.  I greatly enjoyed the months spent traveling with Kim and Medi and Taspan and Richard, setting up the Home and attempting to fill it with life.  But over the past several weeks it's become a shell of what we were striving for.  Only a few Home members still show up at all, and visitors are rarer still.  I tried to believe that it was just the effects of r/t summer, that things would pick up in time, but in mid-October I can't maintain that faith any more.

This decision has nothing to do with the great people of the Home.  I could never begrudge someone their need to put r/t above v/t; I do it plenty often myself.  But because of my busy r/t, every night spent sitting in an empty room, hoping for another RPer who never comes, feels like a waste of precious time.  So I intend to move on, and look for a more active setting, even if that's only in GRP.

I think that the concept of a shared Home between Panthers and other outlaws can work, but I would suggest some changes for a better chance of success.  First, it will always be hard to attract Free Men to a Home with the word "Panther" in its name.  Few would even give it a chance; fewer still would decide to stick around.  Even non-Panther FW and female slaves are going to be less inclined to try it out.  A more neutral name would likely have better success.  Second, Homes thrive on new visitors and new members, and Webmaze seems to be struggling to attract new traffic.  Part of this is Gor's declining membership as a whole; part of it is probably because WM can only really be found by word of mouth, and Homes on other sites are going to recruit for themselves first before suggesting someone try out another site.  Search Google for terms like "Gor chat" and "Gor chat sites", and WM is nowhere to be found.  I'm no expert on how to get yourself on the first page of Google hits, but it would probably help draw newcomers if they can find the site through a search engine and not merely through pages with tons of Gorean chat site links which all look the same.  No disrespect to Ragnar intended, just an observation.

Finally, newcomers will rarely feel comfortable wandering into an unknown room with unknown people and all sorts of kill/collar rules.  New people are drawn to safe situations, General Role Play rooms where they can meet site members and make a decision on whether or not a Home is right for them.  Setting up a GRP room, similar to the Fair on Gor-Chat or PG, would be another big step towards attracting and keeping new RPers.

I will still be around on MSN/YIM for anyone who wants to reach me, and I hope to maintain the friendships I have from PClaw.  I'll be around in RP from time to time as well.  And if things improve, I may decide to come back.  I know I'll be rooting for the Home's ultimate success.


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Re: Departing PClaw
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2010, 11:54:02 AM »
*Warm Hug*

Drax, I want to thank you for the wonderful r/p that you gifted to me since we opened PTJ.  You provided me with many hours of fun and pleasure, and through r/p'ing with you I learned more about myself as 'Medi', and as Medi's typist I think that my r/ping abilities improved.  *S*  I especially loved our visits to Turia where you would indulge me...letting me charge outrageously expensive meals to your tab, and covering up for me when my larcenous nature could have gotten me caged, and then auctioned off.  (Although you were not present when I was briefly caged...a visitor paid the fee and let me go...*LOL*). 

I wish you the best, in v/t and in r/t, and I do have your YIM, and hope to stay in touch with you.  If you find a new home, please do let me know, and I will see if I can visit.  And, you know that you are always welcome at PTJ...please do bring Sirocco in, on occasion.  Medi will be pleased to see you, and will make you feel welcome.

I also want to compliment you as being a 'class act'.  Your farewell post was very sincere, and I appreciate it.

I know that our paths will cross again, my Warrior.

 :-* :'( :-*
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Re: Departing PClaw
« Reply #2 on: October 11, 2010, 06:54:41 PM »
It was great having you with us.  I hope you find what you want.

*blows a kiss!*
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