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Orphan Wagon
« on: November 27, 2015, 04:19:49 PM »

The Orphan wagon is a converted heavy freighter. It provides a home for those Children of Tuchuk who have lost their Fathers and Mothers due to war or circumstance and have no other family members to take them in.

Obviously, the wagon is quite large and heavy duty, and has been remodeled to accommodate both genders.

The wagon platform holds harness lockers for the bosk, as well as tack boxes for kaiila and water barrels. Oiled wood for the Mels and Purple painted for the Females. It has a single double wide main entry using the standard hide flap, as well as heavy double doors for security should the need arise. Both doors may be closed and barred from the inside. Around the wagon box walls are located windows with interior closing shutters complete with arrow ports should the need arise for the wagon to be defended from within. A weapons rack is located on each side of the main doors on the interior. The Male side will hold all weapons used by Tuchuk Warriors. The rack on the Female side will predominantly hold hornbows and quivers of arrows as well as quivas.

Upon entry, an interior wall surrounds the interior of the wagon creating a corridor around the entire interior, with inner doors to the Male and Female sides. Within the separated areas, are ten bunked sleeping platforms with a capacity of twenty Children each... 20 Male and 20 Female. Smaller Children can share a platform should the need arise. Each platform has its own chest for personal affects. The lower platform's will be stowed beneath the lower platform and the chest for the upper platform will be stowed at the end of the bunked platforms.

Each side has two large braziers, a closet space, and a small commissary counter area. The Male side is predominantly oiled and polished wood, and verr woolen blankets and furs more befitting a Warrior. The Female side has white painted walls, purple painted chests, dyed pink verr woolen blankets and furs.

Warriors will be stationed on watch at this wagon, and their judgment on who may enter is final, based upon their general standing orders and special orders of the watch.

The steps area of the wagon is considered the "porch". In the rigging over the porch, iron rings have been installed to accommodate swings, ropes, and other items to entertain and promote fitness.

NOTE FOR ROLE PLAY; NONE may actually play the character of any Child in Tuchuk(Until the Child has reached maturity and is seen as an adult within our home.). No sexual or sensual conduct is permitted. This is a Story Told scenario creating an aspect of life seldom if ever covered. It simply adds an aspect of Tuchuk life and lines set by the Maze Gor Section of WEBMAZE will not be crossed. Failure to abide the decisions of the WEBMAZE Staff in this matter will result in immediate banning from the site. Use common sense and role play in good taste.