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Althing Invite from Mistress H and Master J
« on: November 11, 2017, 09:01:36 AM »
(Mistress H asked me to post this here, as She doesn't have an account. She also sent a message stating this invite has been extended from Master J and it will be a safe zone, and that Mistress I is welcome, also. )

At Serenity Point (Isle of Scagnar sub-room) Pitch up your booth!

Opening ceremony
Weapons Inspections- FM
Duels- FM
Free Men Axe Throw
Archery- Open to All- enslaved need owner's permission.
Oar Dance - FM
The walk of the bond-maid
Long Jump -Open all All
Bond-maid Tankard Carry
Stories, Song and Poetry. (including  flytings )

More information and details regarding the  events and rules for each can be found on our  Althing board ;
Visitors will also be able to use this board. They will, however, need to register to post to it.

A feast and handing out of talmits will be done at the hall on Saturday, the 18th November, after the completion of the Thing.

The Isle will be a safe zone for the duration of the thing and the following feast.

May the peace of the thing be upon you!!

"We saw thralls, too, in the crowd, and rune-priests, with long hair, in white robes, a spiral ring of gold on their left arms, about their waist a bag of omens chips, pieces of wood soaked in the blood of the sacrificial bosk, slain to open the thing....
In the crowd, too, I saw some merchants, though few of them, in their white and gold. I saw, too, four slavers, perfumed, in their robes of blue and yellow silk, come north to buy women. I saw, by the cut of their robes, they were from distant Turia. Forkbeard’s girls shrank away from them."   Marauders of Gor. Chapter ten

"Most of the men at the thing were free farmers, blond-haired, blue-eyed and proud, men with strong limbs and work-roughened hands; many wore braided hair; many wore talmits of their district; for the thing their holiday best had been donned; all were armed, usually with ax or sword; some wore their helmets; others had them, with their shields, slung at their back....
We saw, too, many chieftains, and captains, and minor Jarls, in the crowd, each with his retinue. These high men were sumptuously garbed, richly cloaked and helmeted, often with great axes, inlaid with gold. Their cloaks were usually scarlet or purple, long and swirling, and held with golden clasps. They wore them, always, as is common in Torvaldsland, in such a way that the right arm, the sword arm, is free.
.....In the crowd, too, much in evidence, were brazen bond-maids; they had been brought to the thing, generally, by captains and Jarls; it is not unusual for men to bring such slaves with them, though they are not permitted near the law courts or the assemblies of deliberation; the voyages to the thing were not, after all, ventures of raiding; they were not enterprises of warfare; there were three reasons for bringing such girls; they were for the pleasure of men; they served, as display objects, to indicate the wealth of their masters; and they could be bought and sold."  Marauders of Gor Chapter 12


Re: The Althing 2017 on the Isle of Scagnar Imagine Chat
« Reply #6 on: November 07, 2017, 01:27:53 PM »
The Althing Isle of Scagnar November 10 to November 15

Order of events. 
The events are not  generally kept to a STRICT order, this allows for the RT of participants. It also  aligns itself with the unique happy go lucky  nature of the Torvaldlanders.  ~s~

The bond-maid walks and oar dances can be done at any time during the fair. Bond-maids, prepare to be ordered to the platform at a Jarl's whim!

If you are unable to be there for one of the organised events, simply attend to it when you can and post   your  script  to either the main message board or our Althing board. The winners of events will be announced after the thing at a feast on Saturday the 18the November in the main hall.

You will find the rules for the events on our Althing board.  They will also be  posted in the room at the time.

Please remember to post all scripts  for judging and for our records.
All are welcome and it will be a safe zone for the duration of the  thing and the feast afterward!

Day 1  Friday November 10 
Opening ceremony , Blessing by the Rune Priest.
Archery- All
(Bond-maid walk, Oardancing)

Day 2 Saturday November 11
Long jumps -All
bond-maid tankard carry
(Bond-maid walk, Oardancing)

Day 3 Sunday November 12
Poetry - All
Free men Axe throw
(Bond-maid walk, Oardancing)

Day 4 Monday November 13
Story telling -All
 (Bond-maid walk, Oardancing)

Day 5 Tuesday November 14
Weapons Inspection - All Torvaldslanders to present your arms to a high ranking Jarl.
Duels- free men
 (Bond-maid walk, Oardancing)

Day 6 Wednesday November 15
More story telling including brags of impressive  feats during the Althing.
Pulling down of the booths and the clean up.

May the peace of the thing be upon you!

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Re: Althing Invite from Mistress H and Master J
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2017, 05:22:29 PM »
Tuchuk will be attending as soon as possible. *S*