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Take a Bite Out of Dark World by Night
Take a Bite Out of Dark World by Night

This room is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend, SMOKE. Please visit his memorial page.

Smoke's Tower

Everyone is welcome who is respectful in our home.
Please read the following before joining us - thank you.

The room is primarily for ALL Dominants (male and female) and their submissives. Tower welcomes anyone looking to learn, explore and experience the world of BDSM.

If you have general inquiries, technical questions, need assistance, chatters troubles, contact a staff member.

Some Simple Requirements:

  • The Tower is a general BDSM Lounge however, we are unable to permit Gorean or Vamp/Role-Play style avatars here nor do we permit avatars or animations larger than 250 pixel.
  • We ask you to respect the casual atmosphere here by skipping BDSM capping formalities. This tradition is not enforced here. If you wish to address someone with a particular chat protocol to show your personal respect, you are welcome to do so but will not be required and rest assured that a Sir or Ma'am will do... for anyone.
  • ALWAYS ask first before private messaging. (This is true for all our BDSM rooms!)
  • Do not expect or demand we honor your customs in our room. No one in our world is more or less, better or worse. Please treat all with care and respect and heed to the Golden Rule.
  • Please refrain from Gorean serves or other types of theme room - role-play activities.
  • Absolutely NO harassment of any type towards anyone will be tolerated here. You are subject to removal from the room at the discretion of any WEBMAZE moderator or staff member.
  • Take time to learn a bit about the ways of the Tower before making judgement, and always, feel free to ask public questions. If you don't like the atmosphere of the first BDSM room you enter here at WEBMAZE, please try one of the others, as they are all quite different.
  • Please speak up if you are new to the lifestyle, desire assistance, seek additional education. Many of our chatters are glad to help and of course, out staff welcomes your questions.
  • Enter with open minds, don't judge others kinks and always treat others with respect.
  • Topics here will range from educational discussions of D/s play techniques, D/s issues, S+M equipment, and at times - public BDSM scening.

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