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Take a Bite Out of Dark World by Night
Take a Bite Out of Dark World by Night

Creative Arts Theater

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The Creative Arts Theatre is depicted as an Off-Broadway theater in New York City, a place where groups gather to express their creative talents. It's open for use by all the Webmaze members. Please contact a Webmaze administrator if you want to officially schedule a preset date and time for your event.

You can offer plays, shows, singers, dancers, poetry and games in here. Whatever floats your boat.

All that enter are expected to do so quietly, as if entering any theater where a public performance is taking place. If you have to speak to another chatter in the room while an event is taking place, do it in a whisper which won't disrupt the event.

Partial nudity is permitted, although they are restricted to tasteful posts. Hard core images are prohibited.

Creative Arts Reservation Schedule:

The Webmaze Players will offer plays on Tuesday nights at 10:00 pm EST

Character List

The Webmaze Players

This room is in the City Life of the General Section. City Life is slightly more permissive area of General Chat for those that prefer to hang out a tad more on the wild side, and prefer less rules. These rooms are not for cybersex, but do feel free to use one of the rooms in the Off Stage Section which is for that purpose. It is permitted to use av's showing nudity, but hard core images are prohibited. While the language is unmonitored in these rooms it does not give a chatter the freedom to be rude to others.

Avatar sizes are limited to 250 pixels in height or width.

Please take the time to read the City Life Section Chat Guidelines.

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