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Take a Bite Out of Dark World by Night
Take a Bite Out of Dark World by Night

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This room belongs to the City Life of the General Section, the slightly more permissive area of General chat. These places are for those who prefer to hang out a tad more on the wild side and prefer less rules, note that it still isn't the Erotic section.

Public cybersex remains unacceptable here.

Less dressed avs (150 pixels height) so long as they stay away from "hard core" images are welcome.

Unmonitored Language... understand this is not a license to be rude to anyone of course.

AVs larger then 250 pix are not acceptable.

Mind your manners... Share the rides... No pushing or shoving while in line, and please, if kissing and flirting are considered cute, may we suggest the more explicit ''contacts'' be taken private.

Stay out from behind the buildings with the ladies, there are places for that downstairs in the erotic rooms, Not everyone wants to share into your sexlife.

Ok now here is the serious part... This IS an adult chatroom but... we do not tolerate nor appreciate porn pics, explicit public cybersex, and we do not allow disrespect or vulgar language towards fellow chatters... We are all just down home people trying to enjoy the good natured company of others. Hope to see you in line... So step right in, enjoy the rides and conversation!

If you have any questions,please contact a section moderator.

This room is in the City Life of the General Section. City Life is slightly more permissive area of General Chat for those that prefer to hang out a tad more on the wild side, and prefer less rules. These rooms are not for cybersex, but do feel free to use one of the rooms in the Erotic Section which is for that purpose. It is permitted to use av's showing nudity, but hard core images are prohibited. While the language is unmonitored in these rooms it does not give a chatter the freedom to be rude to others.

Please take the time to read the City Life Section Chat Guidelines.

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