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Take a Bite Out of Dark World by Night
Take a Bite Out of Dark World by Night


As you approach the Dungeon's main hall, you stop for a minute... to take in the scene.

You hear the soft murmur of conversation mingling with laughter. You listen for a minute more... to the sound of ice tinkling against glass as your eyes look towards the bar, that runs one length of the room. The strains of soft music are interrupted by the occasional crack of a whip, a muffled scream and occasionally - you hear cries of passion. The very air you breathe sends your senses reeling. You smell old wood and polish, fresh cigars and perfume, and the pervasive aroma of arousal and rampant sex all the while admiring the people who are dressed elegantly but casually.

The focus of the room is the large and comfortable chairs for all who choose to be here, placed easily for chat and conversation. Scattered around are large velvet cushions. The area is lit by large lamps, which illuminate soft pools of light where needed. As your eyes grow accustomed to the semi-darkness, you notice the alcoves placed around the room. One houses a St Andrew's Cross, while another holds a set of stocks. Each alcove has a large closet stocked with equipment for the most creative and inventive of Dom/mes to use. Along the walls, you see the bolts and chains for play.

As you choose your place to sit, you immediately are welcomed and at home. Here is a place where you can be yourself, where you can chat easily and comfortably among friends, where you can fulfill your sexual desires - freely and without comment, where you can enjoy the scenes of others and take part if you so wish. Take a seat where you choose and enjoy. Nothing is ever taboo. Just remember in this place, respect prevails and manners mean everything. Training will be provided for those new to the online BDSM lifestyle if needed or desired.


  • Avatars will be no more than 250 pixels high in accordance with the rules Webmaze has set for this area. Any avatar over 300 pixels high will result in the wearer being asked to resize immediately. NO animation in avs allowed.
  • PM'ing without asking is strictly forbidden with the only exception being those who have given blanket permission to the sender in advance. PM'ing that is unwelcome needs to be voiced openly and request the sender to desist. If further problems continue the sender will be asked to leave or ejected by force if needs be by a moderator.
  • The Dungeon is a BDSM room and scenes here will relate to BDSM and the D/s lifestyle. Scenes of a sexual nature are fully expected and are a normal part of the environment of the room. Scenes are expected to take place in and around the chat of the room as a whole unless as a special event or demonstration. Serves are welcome and an expected part of the life of the submissives within these walls. Submissives are free to find their own forms of self-expression in serves, dances, or sexual methods.
  • While the Dungeon is indeed a place for chatting with friends and banter, it is necessary that efforts be made to focus on the facts that this is a place where people will be coming to partake of a BDSM experience. For many, this may be their only avenue to an experience within BDSM. Promotion of a Safe, Sane, and Consensual environment is important to the Dungeon and those who dwell here.
  • Please respect the other person's right to say NO. Those who find themselves unable to adapt to the purpose of the room are politely asked not to interfere with those that have or they will be asked to explore another room for chat within the BDSM section on Webmaze.
  • Courtesy, respect, and etiquette are the watchwords of this home.
  • In the very unlikely event of any dispute, discord or disruption in the harmony of the room, one of the roomís Moderators will resolve the dispute; quickly and swiftly so not to disrupt the others in the room who are there to enjoy themselves.
  • Absolutely NO harassment, verbal or otherwise, towards anyone will be tolerated here. You are subject to removal from the room at the discretion of any WEBMAZE moderator or staff member.

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