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Take a Bite Out of Dark World by Night
Take a Bite Out of Dark World by Night

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The Point Trading Post

The Point Trading Post

Located at the base of the South Voltai Mountains at the pass that leads between the Mountain Range and the Rain Forest, you come upon a garrisoned post known to all as The Point Trading Post. The Point Trading Post is an exchange point where all can conduct business and commerce. Caravans stop at The Point Trading Post to sell their goods, bringing materials, and supplies from all parts of Gor.

The Point Trading is protected by a pallisade wall of wooden logs with the tops sharpened to a point to prevent enemies from scaling over the walls, and into the Trading Post. There are two exits/entrances protected by guards to prevent hostile and unwanted forces from entering the post.

Merchants and caravans are welcome here to ply their goods and wares. Men of The Point patrol to ensure the peace. Anyone found to be engaging in actual combat are to be considered as killed by the Guards. Those "killed" will be ignored. Any conduct creating a disturbance will be dealt with by a mod and/or the disruptive party will be ignored. This is to be primarily used as a place for commerce. Slaves may be collared or killed at the discretion of the Head Proprietor.

The Point Trading Post is patrolled at all times,so don't temp your fate by being aggressive.

NPC and TRC characters are used in The Point to enhance the roleplay within the room. All escorts may be NPC'd and there is no need for actual escorts here.

The Point Trading Post is open to any Merchants or Traders who wish to set up a business. Assassins may work within the walls but only to discuss their trade, but never to carry out their marks. If you wish to set up residence in The Post or become a regular, please contact RAGNAR to discuss arrangements.

The Ubara's Nest

Nestled in the mountain range overlooking the Point, cut deep within the mountain itself is a place of solitude, a respite from the rest of the world, a quiet place… usually… where the Ubara of Tuchuk, NightStorm, may seek peace and tranquility. Whether the great Ubara Sana can do so remains to be seen.

A winding set of stone steps leads up to this mountain stronghold, guarded by Warriors of The Point Garrison. These steps rise up to a stone overlook, the mountain itself carved smooth as a head-landing from which all who gaze down from upon it may find The Point and a vast stretch of land laid out before their gaze. A sea sleen shade on cables may be extended or drawn back to allow shade or sun upon the overlook, as the Ubara may desire.

A carved stone walkway leads to the observation point overlooking the falls, where on a calm day the mist rises up from the falls to offer cooling relief to those who stand there gazing down from its height.

There is an area off to the side of the stone overlook that has been cut level, and sod placed over the flat stone to create a tarn landing area for those Guests the Ubara permits. The front of Ubara’s Nest has four guard posts, having no exterior entry access. They each possess a cut arrow port through which to defend and hold the stronghold from assault. These posts have been, just as the stronghold itself, cut from the rock of the mountain and are solid rock at least three feet thick including the tops. The arrow ports can be closed and secured from within by a hinged iron shutter than may be barred shut if needed. Even open, these ports are large enough to loose arrows through with a wide field of fire due their larger funnel type interior construction, but the exterior is much too small for a body to access and is extremely difficult to loose an arrow into. If an arrow did manage to enter, the angle of the shot would still place the arrow over the head of the bowman within. These posts may only be accessed from within.

There is but one entry to the Stronghold. Double doors, two feet thick of solid timber with ironworks reinforcements, sheathed in iron. The iron hinges, set deep into the solid rock of the mountain must be kept well lubricated, for as it is, it requires two powerful Guards of Ubara’s Own to open them. Once through these main doors, another set of double doors will be found of the same type of construction. Both sets of doors may be barred from within in addition to the great locks for security.

The Ubara’s Nest contains a main chamber and a dais, a commissary and commissary storage complete with an iron cook stove with a small clay pipe to carry the smoke out the face of the stronghold. It is only used for cooking and is mostly cool to the touch. Much of the food can be brought up at any time from The Point below should the Ubara desire. The stronghold also contains many chambers for many purposes, including an armory, treasure chamber, private chambers, and slave kennels.

Ragnar has spared no expense in supplying basic furnishings, choosing to allow his Ubara Sana great leeway in the interior decorating of his gift. The basics include, but are not limited to a gold bathing tub in the Ubara’s private chamber large enough for multiple persons, a sleeping platform with an actual down mattress a full two feet thick. A fully stocked cooking accessory utensil and cookware setup, a half stocked wine rack of the finest vintages known on Gor, a long finely crafted dining table with head and foot high-backed chairs and benches, or, the standard table legs may be pulled out and shorter legs inserted for more traditional Tuchuk dining. Guest chambers are furnished with sleeping couches, as is the Ubara’s slave kennel. The solid timbered doors of NightStorm’s private chamber and sleeping chamber have gold inlay of her collar device with a tarn in flight on one end and a sleen striking on the other. The Medical Library has information and techniques from all reaches of Gor in addition to ancient medical items so old they are no longer in use even by Gorean standards, though each item is still fully functional. The shelves and cabinets were crafted by the finest woodworkers of Torvaldsland, complete with detailed intricate carvings. The armory is fully stocked with traditional Tuchuk armament, as well as other specialty items that may come in handy. The finest furniture from Turia, Ar, Tharna, and other areas of splendor can be found wherever the Ubara or her Guests may have access. The areas used by Ubara’s Own remain less opulent, as they are after all Warriors and have neither need nor desire for such niceties or soft living.

As Ubara’s nest is carved from the solid rock of the mountain, there is no need for braziers to heat the stronghold. It remains a near constant, very comfortable temperature regardless of season or time of day. As no windows exist, illumination needs are met by energy bulbs, with candles for soothing effect and ambiance when desired. The floor throughout, cut from the mountain stone, has been smoothed and polished to an almost glasslike texture, but left just rough enough to avoid skating across it with wet feet, has gold and silver inlays of various symbols and relief’s of Gor from the slave k’s in the kennels, to animals, to weapons and the sun, moons, and stars, which when light hits them at the right angles seem to glow from the floor.

As stolid stone does not burn, the stronghold is impervious to fire from the exterior. Only the vegetation of the mountain will burn away still leaving ash, earth, and the rock of the mountain. Even the interior walls are solid mountain rock. The slaves that did the work on the Ubara’s nest were put to death upon its completion as a matter of security. The Master Builder which overseen all the work unfortunately met with an untimely demise. Ragnar knows every detail of Ubara’s Nest’s construction being the architect of the endeavor. If you have never been invited in, you would never know the secrets tucked away inside. There is an emergency exit, well hidden and secret, know only to Ragnar, The Ubara, and only the most trusted of her Own. Do not bother searching for it. You will not find it. It is designed as an exit only in an emergency, and is near to impossible to gain entry to the stronghold by using it. Even if by chance it is discovered, unless you know its secrets, any attempt to use it will result in your death.

When occupied by the Ubara, it is constantly manned by Ubara’s Own at both fixed positions as well as roving security sweeps. Defying the Ubara’s Own in this place is defying and insulting the Ubara herself. Only the most foolish, and those seeking blessed relief of pain through eventual death would even consider such.

Perhaps one day Ragnar and NightStorm may retire to this place, perhaps not. Time will tell.

Any NPC's or temporary RP'd characters (TRC) must be clearly marked in their codes. TRC's falls under the same conditions of usage as NPC's

Visitors and observers are welcome and should wear the ~o~. Any wearing the observer symbol ~o~ will not engage in actual rp.

Please maintain the rp in this room and keep OOC to a minimum.

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