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Take a Bite Out of Dark World by Night
Take a Bite Out of Dark World by Night

Webmaze Gorean Role Play

Tuchuk Wagon Camp

Tuchuk Wagon Camp

This the Wagon Camp of the Tuchuk, known to be the fiercest of the Wagon People. You may hear the happy sounds of people working and playing, you may hear the cries of a slave as she is being punished or the soft sounds as she pleases her Master. You may hear the sounds of lances upon shields and the sounds of kailla as the Men Train. Pausing, you look at the vast plain stretching out as far as the eye can see and you feel the wind caressing your face. This camp is guarded at all times. Do not tempt your fate by being aggressive. Outriders and sleen can be found in various areas of the camp, strategically placed as guardians to ensure the safety of camp members from attack, and to ensure slaves and captives do not run away.

MTC is a forced KILL/COLLAR/CAPTURE area pending Ubar's judgement pertaining to fools and idiots. Those showing disrespect, dishonor, foolishness, and in general being an idiot will be dealt with accordingly. NPC and TRC characters are used in Tuchuk BY MEMBERS of Tuchuk to enhance the role play within our room. NPC and TRC characters have killing ability within our home when used by Members. These NPC and TRC characters will be confined to usage according to the Ubar and his discretion.

This room operates on the location pulldown system. The correct pulldown must be used unless a raid for fun is taking place according to the Webmaze Raid Guidelines. Do not expect to be greeted or even addressed if you are not in the same area of role play according to the pulldowns.

This is a theme room based on the fantasy books by John Norman about Gor, the counter-Earth. Gor is a harsh world where men dominate, women are usually slaves, and arguments are settled violently.

If your previous role play session did not end within camp, you should use the Territory entrance. This entrance is intended for those who ended their prior session within camp.

Tuchuk Wagon Camp accepts raids according to the WEBMAZE® Raiding Rules.

The ~o~ observer status is respected here. Please feel free to ask questions concerning Gor and Gorean life in pm. Do not abuse this status.

In Loving Memory Of Those Who Have Passed From MTC







Tuchuk Wagon Camp
Ubar RAGNAR and Ubara NightStorm
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