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Take a Bite Out of Dark World by Night
Take a Bite Out of Dark World by Night

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siren's Dance Emporium

siren's Dance Emporium

Dance, in Gor, is expressed in so many ways, whether in serving food and drink, entertainment, or even while doing chores. Every step you take is an expression of who and what you are, in every way. No part of the body is left out when you dance, and everything in you; emotions, feelings, and simple body movement becomes a part of that dance. Dance is a way to show love, hate, joy, desire, or to tell a is universal.

But dance isn't's something which is learned; though it may come naturally, to make it the best you can, one must work at it. It should become something which you crave so much to "perfect" because it is done for Those who hold your very lives in their hands. However, to accomplish that which you see as your "perfect dance" can be the biggest joy you'll ever experience. Everyone, no matter your level of experience, can learn dance....if you really wish to. Enter this room with your emotions prepared, your wish to learn turned on, and those you dance for in the back of your minds...the desire to please them. Throw yourself out there, and grow, learn to not only dance, but serve, using what you learn here.

Welcome to the world of dancing, and remember....the first words you should say, always, is "i can do this", and you'll never fail.

This room is a safe zone for all entering for the dance classes. No captures/kills/collarings/raids/etc are permitted. All slaves are welcome, Owners of slaves are welcome to observe from the gallery. All are expected to be on their best behavior, no exceptions. Those unable to conduct themselves properly as responsible adults will be removed and/or banned from the site. So relax, observe, partake of the knowledge offered, and immerse yourselves in the entrancing beauty of Gorean Dance.

During class, please keep all non-class related conversations in pm. It only detracts from the quality of the class.

Dance Emorium
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