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Take a Bite Out of Dark World by Night
Take a Bite Out of Dark World by Night

Loved, Missed, Remembered

Webmaze Gorean Role Play

Tuchuk Wagon Camp

You have entered Tuchuk Territory!!!

This is the area surrounding our camp which is under direct Tuchuk control.

The Territory is an extension of our main camp. The transitional land between the wilds of the Southern Plains and our camp perimeter.

This is a kill/collar/capture area.

A minimum number of posts are required to pass through The Territory.

  1. Two posts are required for Tarn travel.
  2. Four posts are required for Kailla and Tharlarian travel.
  3. Traveling on foot requires six posts.

It will be understood that even though a Territory, it is considered part of Tuchuk, and is always guarded and patrolled by Warriors and sleen and all laws of Tuchuk.

As a general rule the Combat Rules of Webmaze apply here. HOWEVER, the Ubar of Tuchuk does have final say as to what specifics are to be followed in regards to combat. After all... this IS Tuchuk.

All who enter Tuchuk Territory agree by their presence that they accept all rulings set forth by the Ubar and/or the Tuchuk Council. Such decions will not be open for debate or overuling.

The Observer status is honored here. Simply place an ~O~ after your name. This allows you to observe and ask questions pertaining to Tuchuk. This may be requested and handled in pm. Please do naught disrupt combat. Wait until any combat has ended before expecting any inquiries to be replied to.

If your last role play session did not end in Tuchuk's Main Camp The Territory should be used to enter the main camp.

Tuchuk Wagon Camp Accepts Raids according to the WEBMAZE® Raiding Rules.

In Loving Memory Of Those Who Have Passed From Tuchuk Wagon Camp

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