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Take a Bite Out of Dark World by Night
Take a Bite Out of Dark World by Night

Since ye've chosen to journey into the Mountainous Highlands of Ireland surrounded by the lush green countryside below, then ye should continue ye journey to the ancient village of Glengarrif.

There ye will find a friendly, yet different people and the Castle Geasan Cridhe. The folk here will greet ye and treat ye all in a most exceptional manner. Come and join us if ye dare to lose ye'self in a merry land of old. Where each today be as festive as those of a time long gone; when Knights were chivalrous and ale was plentiful. In a place where legends of dragons roamed the Land, and tales of Sorcery, and magic can still be heard of.

Please feel free t' visit us at Castle Geason Cridhe. Come and visit with our village folk and enjoy a day filled with medieval fun. Whether T'be a friendly joust or swordplay or perhaps a taste of what Tis that the castle servants 'ave prepared, as there always be something prepared for our guest and members,(by the King's order of course..)

When night falls upon us, come sit in the Royal Hall and enjoy the fire and conversation with our King, Nobles, slaves and other guests along with the the entertainment of fine song and enticing dance as the King says, we 'ave the most beautiful and talented lil ones in all the Kingdom.

Come and let our slaves make Yer visit a pleasant one, Aye we 'ave slaves for that . But, alas remember to be respectful, The King does nae mind using the stocks in the courtyard , and He frowns highly on treating the servants with anything but respect.

Which brings us to the King, ye'd nae know this Lord from any other if t'wasn't for the crown that he occasionally wears. But let that nae fool ye He still be the King and expects a degree of respect, He's been called a Warrior and few 'ave lived through the wrath of being on the wrong side of His Sword. He be a Kind hearted King and iffen ye do nae recognize 'im just wait ye will pick 'im out soon enough , and he doth rule this land O'these who sometimes be Roguish or even Barbaric at times with their occasional raids and pilaging but they always mean well , and would nae think of causing their King to frown so ye bes nae either, After all, He loves them and hasn't met ye yet. Course there only be three things that he frown upon....Dishonor or Disrespect of His Home and those in it...and drinking His rum without Him.

If ye require assistance please don't be shy about asking, while this is a roleplay room and all that is said and done here is done in the name of roleplay, we keep OOC to a minimum and outside drama holds a zero tolerance policy here.

Please enjoy your visit or stay and be aware...YOU MAY BE CAPTURED here in the name of roleplay, Medieval times were not all peaches and cream and held their moments of harsh, sometimes violent societies.

This is a capture, collar and kill zone, all in the name of realism and roleplay.

The council will have all final decisions on roleplay.

Enter and be well.

Castle Geasan Cridhe
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