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Take a Bite Out of Dark World by Night
Take a Bite Out of Dark World by Night

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Welcome to the glorious Roman Empire, specifically, CAPUA.

Here you will find a blooming economy bolstered by merchants and tradesmen, political aspiration and splendor, corruption, and diversion which foremost is The Games.

The Games, or Spectacula if you will, centers upon the Arena where spectacle abounds. A place where blood is spilled upon the sand for the entertainment and amusement of the crowd.

A place where celebrations bring death in many faces and explores many facets. A spectacle for the enjoyment of the Crowd.

Life, love, fortune and gain, mystery and intrigue are to be found within the seemingly limitless lands of the Roman Empire.




Details in brief
Our rules are simple and listed below, please read and abide by them so that your stay with us will be a pleasant one:

  • This is a role play venue based upon the city of Capua, a small part of the Roman Empire during the height of Capua’s glory and when Gladiators demonstrated the might of Rome for the citizens and those passing through. This a different style of room for WEBMAZE, as there is NO visitor or observer status recognized here. We cordially invite you to choose a name and enter, even if you wish only to watch and see if this room holds any curiosity or amusement for you. Walk the streets or relax in silence in the public venue as you take in what is offered. No harm will come to you provided you seek to be non-disruptive of the display taking place around you. You may feel at ease making a “privately whispers” message to any within the room regarding the role play, and should receive a reply answering your query, or directing you to the person who can.
  • This is a location based role play venue, and just as in real life, you would not be interacting with someone who is not in your area. So please, use the pulldown system. We do realize those new to the room may find it confusing, and allowances will be made and we understand mistakes do happen.
  • This IS a multi character role play room where multiple characters are welcome so anyone may experience all the aspects of society should they wish to. This is not a lifestyle room. It is roleplay for fun, and like the Circus, for diversion and enjoyment.
  • Regular room members must be character approved, and for now will be limited to four characters. Those upon the room council, IE the room leaders/founders, may have more than four characters in order to better set the tone, govern, and to enhance the roleplay. You may be a slave, citizen, gladiator, whatever you wish to be, provided you start at the bottom and work your way up. Do not come in and expect to be a champion gladiator from the start. You will train, fight, bleed, and work your way to the top becoming the Champion of Capua, or die in the attempt, to the wondrous sound of the crowd in the arena.
  • All government officials are room founders only. Do not enter claiming to be Caesar and think you will be welcomed. You will likely be arrested and sentenced to the arena, or to the mines which is most certainly a prolonged death sentence. In some cases, you will simply be removed from the room.
  • Order is maintained in Capua by Legionaries of Rome under the command of the Praetor or Magistrate depending on their availability.
  • The Story Teller, ST, has full story teller capabilities and contol over order and discipline in the room. This also includes the power and authority to kill.
  • Cross gendering is not permitted.
  • Death is a distinct possibility in this room. Abide the laws and customes and you will usually remain unscathed depending on your role in society. Seek trouble, and you shall find it.

    Note:This is a Kill/Capture area

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