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Take a Bite Out of Dark World by Night
Take a Bite Out of Dark World by Night

Webmaze Gorean Role Play



''... I had heard, a Tur tree was found on the prairie, near a spring, planted perhaps long before by someone who passed by, it was from that Tur tree that the city of Turia took its name.''

Nomads of Gor 217

"I found Turia to match my expectations. She was luxurious. Her shops were filled with rare intriguing paraphenalia. I smelled perfumes that I had never smelled before. More than once we encountered a line of musicians dancing single file down the center of the street, playing on their flutes and drums, perhaps on their way to a feast. I was pleased to see again, though often done in silk, the splendid varieties of caste colors of the typical Gorean city, to hear once more the cries of peddlers that I knew so well, the cake sellers, the hawkers of vegetables, the wine vendor bending under a double verr skin of his vintage."

Nomads of Gor 87

The walled, nine gated City of Turia rests in the Southern hemisphere in the Land of the Wagon Peoples, described as a lofty and fine city that is shimmering white rising from the Plains. It is said it had taken it's name from the Tur tree found by a stream. Turia's wealth and riches is well known and is often referred to as the Ar of the South. She maintains an uneasy trade with the other inhabitants of the Plains, The Wagon Peoples.

  • This is a NO COMBAT KILL area and a collar/capture area by members only. Actual Combat will be acceptable only when agreed to by participating parties though spars are always encouraged. Anyone found to be engaging in forced combat will be considered as killed by the Turian Guards. Those "killed" will be ignored and asked to leave.
  • Merchants and caravans are welcome here to ply their goods. Men of Turia patrol the gates and this City to ensure the peace. Turia is to be primarily used as a place for commerce at this time until the Scarlet Caste is developed.
  • NPC and TRC characters are used in Turia by members or those specifically designated by the Room Leader to enhance the role play within our room. NPC and TRC characters have killing ability within our home when used by Members for defense or security only. Any NPC's or Temporary Rp'd Characters (TRC) must be clearly marked in their codes. TRC's also fall under the same conditions of usage as NPC's.
  • When necessary, the Webmaze® rules of combat will be in effect.
  • All escorts may be NPC'd and there is no need for actual escorts here.
  • Turia is open to any Merchants or Traders who wish to set up a shop within the walls. Assassins may even work within the walls but only to discuss their trade... not to carry out their marks at this time due to combat restrictions unless agreed upon by Assassin and target.
  • Visitors and observers are welcome and should wear the ~o~. Any wearing the observer symbol ~o~ will not engage in actual rp.

Turia is governed by an Administrator, (NPC) high in a lofty tower.

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