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« on: September 28, 2013, 09:49:54 PM »
All those of the main camp, which is the inner circle, which is "Of the first wagon" have arrived to resupply, barter, and trade their goods.

When the wagons have come to a halt in their positions, RAGNAR steps up onto his saddle as his mount remains steady. It is good vantage point to address his family. “ATTENTION TUCHUK!!! As usual, the bosk will be released from their yokes and harnesses to graze the area between the wagons and the palisade wall. Kaiila may be chained to wagon platforms, or stabled. None may be allowed to roam within the palisade. As my gift to my family, with the cooperation of RAYAH, all may visit the baths and enjoy. This does NOT include taking your mount into the bath as well, RAZIEL!!! The baths are NOT to be used as a community latrine, especially when only non-Tuchuk people occupy the baths… RAZIEL!!! Free may sleep with the wagons or they may seek a room here free of charge. Slaves may remain with the wagons or join the free in a room if the free allows. The Women may visit Rayah’s Place for some personal pampering. The cost has been covered. I shall host my family, free and slave, to a private evening meal, the day and time to be announced later. I am also gifting each slave ten copper to do with as they wish. Slaves that are privately owned included. I ask their Masters and Mistresses to permit this gift. Each free is gifted two silver to do with as they wish. Enjoy these things as my gift to those of the first wagon. Any Clan requiring additional funding may seek such at fair terms from any Council member. This is also true for any individuals that may be in need of funds. Enjoy my Family!!!”

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Re: Arrival
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*stands there as You address those that came with the Group. I had thoughts of what I wanted to obtain while here. I needed some new paint powders as well as a few premixed. those I didnt need to use very much so I only needed a small amount. why buy the powder if I dont need that much.. anyway, I wait until All are dismissed before heading back to the wagon for a night's rest... or venturing out and into the city* (( of course depending on what time of day We get there ))
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