Author Topic: Memorial Service for a passing of a player  (Read 673 times)

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Memorial Service for a passing of a player
« on: February 25, 2015, 10:56:13 AM »
Memorial Service for Princess Winter/Player Crystal Rose

Just recently we learned of a loved friend's passing. Even though she passed away, in March of 2013, it does not negate the loss, which is felt. Crystal Rose played Princess Winter in Caernarfon for at least a decade. Visitors to Caernarfon would recalled  her as the mischievous fae who turned their hair pink. Crystal played many characters and roleplayed on Webmaze too, but  sadly can't recall what names were used.

Caernarfon will be hosting a memorial to honor and remember our friend. It will be on March 2nd, at 6 pm MST, 8 pm EST USA. For those in Europe, 1 am March 3rd in London. All are invited to attend. If you wish to share a story, we'll listen.

Caernarfon is located at Imagine Chat in the medieval section. If you haven't visited IC before, you will need register for the site. The link to register is toward the top of the page. There is no charge to do so, it's free to chat there. If you have trouble  logging into the room then, log out of Imagine Chat and clear your cache, then try logging in again.

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