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Maze will once again do the pro football picks again this year.

This, thus far, is the only way to get a Maze Membership or maintain the one you have. Don't miss out!

Make your weekly picks when the games are posted and GOOD LUCK!!!

We will change things up a bit this season!!!!! Now pay attention!!!!!

The weekly will not win you membership time on a weekly basis. However, if you win four (4) weekly picks overall, it earns you a six month WEBMAZE membership!!! You may win more than once!!!

Whomever wins the most overall games during the Playoffs alone, wins a 6 month Membership!!!

Whomever wins the top picks overall wins a years membership!!!!!

Whomever wins the SUPERBOWL with the exact winning team's score wins a 6 mo membership!!!

These stats will be posted each week during the season so all know where they stand. Prizes may be gifted once actually won.

Picks must be posted by kickoff time of the first game of the week.

The weekly is determined by the winning team's score and the closest pick score. NOT the point spread.

If you are late, your picks will not count.

You may modify your picks anytime up to the kickoff time of the first game of the week, if needed, ONLY if you forget a game or score!!!!! Just modify them in your post. If you modify in a separate post, only your first post will be accepted. One post of picks per week per participant!!! Picks posted for someone, by another, will be counted as at times, anyone may be unable to access the wall themselves due to any number of circumstances.

Ties will be honored. The Pro Bowl will not be counted.

Since there are so many chances to win, I will be fully participating this season for more than just the usual bragging rights.

If any disputes arise, I, alone, will have final say. If you notice an error in tallies during the season, let me know immediately. If any errors go unreported for two weeks, they will not be corrected.