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Treaty with Tharna
« on: April 16, 2017, 10:41:01 PM »
MTC and Tharna of PoD have a travel and trade treaty.

Those of both homes will have safe passage in one another's homes. Men may travel as they wish. Women require Escorts (placed in tags when NPC's are used). Slaves will require escorts AND expressed permission from their Owners. (NPC Escorts in tags when Owners unable to be present with them). Be sure to check with your Leader before you go wandering about.

We will barter and engage in trade on fair and equal footing, all parties dealing above the table for what is desired.

Due to geographic location, naturally hundreds and thousands will be unable to make such a journey. Smaller parties may do so when able.

Be respectful of the ways when in one another's homes. Do not cause problems or you will have to answer not only to the Leader of the room you visit, but also to your own.

If any problems arise, caging for slaves, chains for FW, and Men placed under guard until the Ubar and Tatrix can work it out, or their Representatives should they be unable to make the journey.


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