Author Topic: ...NOODLE WARNING!!!!!!!!!!  (Read 89 times)

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...NOODLE WARNING!!!!!!!!!!
« on: July 23, 2017, 02:02:20 PM »
...Hells Bells!... >:(...I've been living on these for the last two months!...better stop.  Good thing I didn't know about them in college.  In college I lived on butter rolls and and shake and bake chicken at our apt.  Although I would save money that my parents would send me, and go out for a nice Chinese dinner with a male friend once in a while, and if I landed a nice gig I would eat better.  Once I cooked enchiladas for my two roommates.  It was amazing...I was such a great cook!  I should have left the Conservatory and gone to Culinary School.   After dinner I walked to the practice rooms across campus to practice piano...and I just stared at the score of Beethovens' Appasionata Sonata for 15 minutes, and got up and left...I could barely stay awake...much less open the piano.  As I walked back over the bridge to our apt, one of my roommates walked by carrying her violin...she had glazed eyes...and didn't seem to recognize me.  When I got back to our apt, my other roommate was still sitting at the small table...her chin in her left hand...just like she had been when I had left 45 minutes earlier.

I did not put any drugs in the recipe my Mother had written out for me...I guess that I overdid something.  I made the same recipe in following years, and they were very nice...but I always just stayed home afterwards.
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