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Mistress Sid
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Migration update

Wagon greased and regressed, all axles checked and greased. Harnesses oiled and wiped down ,all buckles polished and reattached. Botas filled with fresh water . Your riding attire ready and cleaned your boots polished and checked for wear. Small sacks attached to the pommels of the saddles holding some jerky,some sweets and wrapped samiches. botas filled with hot tea tucked under the front bench of the wagon along with mugs ready for use. First aid bags restocked and ready for use if needed. Inside the wagon all secured. Last but not least your team has all been curried and hooves an horns oiled and polished. Your kaillias have fed and are ready. ( leaves the scroll beside your sleeping fur tied with a yellow ribbon)

it is said one must be be perfect one must be Tuchuk...these are duckie rules to live and survive by.