Author Topic: ...Thinking of what it means to be a Healer  (Read 39 times)

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...Thinking of what it means to be a Healer
« on: December 31, 2017, 01:13:02 AM »
...I settle in a cot at the Med Wagon...I had not been relieved...and I wanted to watch over the burn victims...and a couple others.  Ke-yung had been taken away to the Funerary Wagon...I had FAILED!  I had learned to live with that...I had learned to live with that...I HAD LEARNED TO LIVE WITH THAT! the middle of all of that...Aslaug had told me that she wanted to become a Healer...and that she would be BETTER than me!  I had nodded, caressed her cheek, and said, "We will start yer training on tha morrow...but it will not be can stop anytime ye wish."  She had nodded, and toddled away.  She was really still way too young to start training, but I would take it easy on her.  Mostly washing, fetching, and such for a couple ahn a day...and I would stand over her as a simple potion was made.  I think back on the Barrens and the Cylinders where I had been trained.  I think of a Physician I had studied under...and a song he had sung to me when he had shared a cup of wine with was a powerful song...and needed to be sung by a Man.
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