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Stefan singing to Johanna
« on: January 06, 2018, 02:55:37 PM »
...During some of our stops, we would sometimes sing during a meal.   :)  The three youngest children loved hearing me, Verthandi, Tristan and Katniss sing.  However, they would wince when Johanna started singing.  Johanna had a nice soprano...but she had no sense of sense of phrasing...and NO sense of when to just sit back, drink and eat some food...and KEEP HER MOUTH SHUT.  Once, after she sang a short song, Stefan sang this one to her.  The young children were giggling by the third verse, and laughing at the end.  We older ones were just looking down...Johanna could get difficult at times...and we still had a lot of riding to do.  I suspected that Stefan and Johanna would not say much to each other, the next day, as they lead our Family in the column heading to The Point.   ;D
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