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thalarian oil casks
« on: December 17, 2015, 11:48:52 AM »
How does a slave warm a cask of thalarian oil before using it to fill the camp torches in the cold?

kiah is thinking you can't just sit the cask on a grate over heat because there is always oil dripping on the side and residue even if wiped clean. this would make the outside burn or if the internal heat got too high, the whole thing would explode, wouldn't it?

the only thing that comes to mind is to heat rocks near the fire and lay the cask on that to heat it. she knows she could bypass this question by just saying "heats the cask" but she would like to know more, please. how has it been done in the past? is there a better way to do it in the future?

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Re: thalarian oil casks
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Waits for others to chime in.

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Re: thalarian oil casks
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Well when chanz was still mat she was taught how to fill the torches and even in snow storms the oil was kept warm two the cask was wrapped with old furs. Two body heat a few disposable thralls work great......looks to Master for other ways....giggling...
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