MTC Member Roster

Welcome to the proud record of those who call Maze Tuchuk Camp "home" and its members "family."

Free Persons and slaves who are still in -tp status will not be placed on this list. A (?) indicates a free person or slave believed, but not yet confirmed, to be out of -tp status, or one whose membership in MTC is uncertain.


    \\\\\\\\\\ Ubar RAGNAR////////// - Clan of Cobblers, Elder
    \\\\\\\Raziel/////// - Council Oralu - Clan of Bowyers and Fletchers, Elder - Field Medic

    \\\\Terran//// - Second Son - Council Oralu - Clan of Yearkeepers, Elder

    NightStorm OOOOO - Ubara - Clan of Sleen Trainers, Elder
    Lilac OOOO - First Wagon - First Scribe - Clan of Stock Tenders, Elder
    Sidona OOOO - First Slaver - Clan of Seamstresses, Elder

    Mercilayne OOOO - Clan of Vintners


    MTC's Free Men Members


    \\\\\Ariakas///// - Retired Council
    \\Arlon// - Clan of Vintners
    \\\\Dylan//// - Protector and Enforcer of Council Women - Warrior Poet

    \Nicholas Tabor/
    \\\\Salem//// - Askari Orluman - Clan of Scarrers, Elder
    \\\Wapike/// - Outrider Orluman - Clan of Kailla Trainer/Breeder, Elder


    MTC's Free Women Members


    Amber Dragonsfury OOO - First Daughter - Surgeon - Slaver
    Carrigan - Clan of Hunters
    Roan - Farrier Clan
    Neissa - Verr Tender Clan
    Serinna O
    OO - Clan of Painters, Elder

    Shoko OOO - Seamstress Clan; Healer
    Shylina Marie OOO - Clan of Bosk Herders, Elder
    Taryn Iona OO - Clan of Healers - Healer



    MTC's Slave Members


    prism{*RgR*1*} O - Ubar's pagar - first girl
    O - senior mat slave - third girl
    bauble{MTC} - mat slave
    familure{TD} O - pagar - second girl
    flame{NS} - senior mat slave - second girl
    hush{MTC} - mat slave
    kadi{MTC} O - pagar - third girl
    ke'tharn{AD} - senior thrall - first thrall


    MTC's MIA, LOA, and Shelved Members


    To alleviate worries, the persons on our LOA list will generally have a brief description beside this status to indicate their reason for such - without violating their right to privacy and discretion, of course. Those on our LOA list are considered members in good standing, while those who are MIA have not notified us of the reason for their absence. Our shelved list is maintained both for record-keeping purposes, and because those who have left are still held in our hearts and memories.

    We hope our family members will one day return to us.


    Members on LOA

    Alena Kaitlin - medical leave
    Amantha Melisande OOO - Clan of Perfumers, Elder; Clan of Soap Makers; Merchant

     Amorette Crois O - Clan of Cooks

    arisha{MTC} - mat slave - personal reasons
    Arrianna Longbow - hiatus (honored guest)
    Casca Longinouse - Clan of Hunters

    chanz{MTC} O - pagar slave - third girl - periodic absences for RT
    chiana{M} - senior mat slave - periodic absences for RT
    \\\Chamuka/// - Periodic absences for RT

    Dark Ravynn - RT reasons

    \\Demetrious// - Periodic absences for RT
    Elisa Windrider OOO - Clan of Herbalists, Elder - Periodic absences for RT

    \\\\\Gryphon///// - Askari - Tarn Breeder and Trainer - RT reasons

    \\GYZMO// - Periodic absences for Military

    haven{MTC} - senior mat slave - RT reasons
    \Hirodel/ - Outrider Orman
    jale{Lil} - pagar~restricted - ret. kajirae trainer  - periodic leaves for RT
    Kassia SoulReaver

    \\\\\\Krul////// - Council Oralu - Clan of Kaiila Trainers, Elder - Companion to Sandra LaGrace - RT reasons
    Lady Snickers OO - Clan of Bakers, Elder - Periodic absences for RT

    \Larn/ - Outrider - Clan of Haruspexes, Elder
    Lady Raela - hiatus

    Malefic OOO - Clan of Iron Masters, Elder - RT

    \Max/ - Former Scarrer - Military Leave

    megaera{Kels} - senior mat slave - periodic absences for RT

    Melanie - Clan of Scarrers - periodic absences for RT
    Micah Tova - medical leave

    Michael - Clan of Kaiila Trainers
    \Michael of the Plains/ - Guardsman - Periodic leaves for RT

    mira{MTC} - mat slave
    \\\Phoenix Knight/// - Outrider Orluman - Clan of Scarrers, Military LOA
    pleasure{MTC} - mat slave~restricted virgin

    Sahara OO - Clan of Cooks, Elder

    salvaje{MTC} O - pagar
    Savinella OO - MTC's Songbird - Clan of Candle Makers, Elder - Periodic absences for RT

    Shadari Sliversdottir
    silence{MTC} - mat slave

    Skatha Shadows - Periodic absences for RT
    sensual{MT} - hiatus

    \\\Strider/// - Clan of Salt Hunters, Elder

    Sweet Final Breath - RT reasons

    Titus Flavius - Clan of Sleen Trainers

    Torus - RT reasons
    toy{MTC} - mat slave - RT reasons
    \\Zale// - Outrider - Clan of Traders, Elder - RT reasons


    Assoc. and Trial Period Members on LOA

    Aeryon - MTC-TP
    Faramir - Clan of Kaiila Trainers - MTC-TP


    Outer Wagon Members

    Kelsey OOOO - Senior Healer - Retired Council - disowned and banished to Outer Wagons - all privileges revoked

    MIA Members

    Caton - Clan of Saddle Makers - MIA after extended LOA
    Coreign - Clan of Entertainers, Elder

    karei{MTC} O  - mat slave

    Kitya OOOO - Elder Woman - Elder of the Clans of Furriers, Soap Makers, and Giani Trainers - RT reasons
    Lana - Daughter of Sandar and Kelsey

    lily{MTC} - mat slave - MIA after extended LOA
    phoebe{Sid} O - pagar - kajirae trainer - MIA after extended LOA
    \\\\Redbeard//// - Askari - Clan of Coopers, Elder
    \Reyas/ - Clan of Hunters
    Sirius - MIA after extended LOA

    Vanessa - MTC


    amore{MTC} - senior mat slave
    - pagar slave - shelved for RT
    deila - shelved due to personal choice
    delilah{Tegutai} O - pagar slave - shelved for RT
    Geona O - Clan of Seamstresses - shelved upon leaving MTC

    Hrolf Kraki - shelved by the typist to bring back Redbeard
    ice{LM/TD} O - senior mat slave - healing slave - shelved due to personal choice

    kaela{MTC/Muse} - shelved upon leaving MTC

    kiah{MTC} - senior mat slave - shelved to leave Gor
    Kiril Rendor - shelved to seek other Gorean exploits
    lianna {STR} - pagar - periodic leaves for RT
    saphyre{~D~} - mat slave - shelved for RT

    Sarant'sastral OO - Clan of Hunters, Elder
    sareem{MTC} - mat slave - shelved for RT
    Serenity - shelved for RT
    sinnocent{MTC} - pagar slave

    \\\Tegutai/// - Clan of Scarrers, Elder - shelved for RT
    ~talena~{MTC} O - pagar - periodic leaves for RT



    MTC's Approved Animal Characters

    Shiara - female sleen pup
    Spaz - "Tuchuk's demon giani" - female kitten



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