Those who are Companioned and have a desire to take part in having young in MTC will abide the following simple laws:

    Companioned couples will speak with the Ubar before engaging in any such child bearing in MTC.

    MTC is a camp of "killers". We are the fiercest of the Wagon Peoples. As such, MTC will not be a nursery. Ubar and Council reserve the right to limit the number of offspring in order to create a more realistic Wagon Camp environment.

    The Companioned couple is responsible for their offspring in virtual time as well as in real time. Their real time responsibility is to find adults to take on the persona of their young. This would be a good opportunity for one to learn of Gor while starting out. The ADULT assuming the persona of the child will begin doing so about eight weeks after the child is born. The child will now be considered a young Tuchuk adult and will be trained and taught our ways at this time.

    It is understood that there is a large gap in the timeline between the child's birth and adulthood. Such is due to policy of Webmaze not permitting any interaction with minors or even the hinted suggestion of virtual time role-play involving children. This explains why the child matures so suddenly.

    However, the Free Woman's pregnancy will run full term in real time measurement of gestation. That means nine months of role-playing a virtual time pregnancy. MAKE THE DECISION TO BEAR YOUNG A WELL THOUGHT OUT ACT!!!

    The free woman who gave birth to the offspring will see to the care of the virtual time non-persona child. The father of the now young adult will see to his/her training and education.

    If no ADULT is located to take over the persona of the mature Tuchuk within the above specified time, the child will be found to be unable to survive and will die before being named. It would be wise to locate the "young adult" before the baby is born. Work with them as a "Pupil of (whatever your name is)" in private message so as naught to disturb the Camp.

    As it is written in the scrolls, Tuchuk does not waste names on those who may not survive. Neither will we in Maze Tuchuk. They shall "earn" their names. This will also allow the "young adult" you have located to develop his/her own character’s individuality as a member of Tuchuk.

    Kajirae will not care for or teach children. Kajirae may assist as a virtual time activity, but childcare duties primarily fall to the Companioned couple.

    Anyone found to be attempting to engage in fantasy sexual pleasures with a "fantasy child" in Tuchuk will immediately be removed from the room and their IP number turned in for possible legal ramifications. The non-persona children are here to assist in obtaining a closer-to-real existence in Tuchuk and to allow for new members to assume these characters upon maturity as a young adult in order to learn of Gorean ways.

Our Ubar will have final say on any/all issues not covered specifically in this section, and he reserves the right to terminate this aspect of Tuchuk at any time and upon his own discretion.

In simplified summary, child bearing will be allowed provided the child remains a non-persona until reaching maturity and the persona is then taken over by an ADULT. Then, and only then, will the offspring be considered a mature Tuchuk and take an active role in our home.


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