Visitor Rules and Information

MTC is a full kill, forced-collaring area. Any coming to MTC who wear the observer designation will neither be harmed, killed, nor collared, provided the observer maintains proper conduct according to our laws. Failure to do so will result in actions taken upon them as deemed appropriate by MTC guidelines. Observer guidelines are further detailed near the bottom of this page. Those who do not wear the observer tag should be mindful of the rules set aside for visitors and guests, as outlined below.

Visitors and Guests:

Disruptions will NOT be tolerated. These may include, but are not limited to, foul language, out-of-character threats, actions not consistent with Gorean standards, etc. This applies to members of MTC as well as to outsiders.

Visiting free persons need not disarm when entering our Camp. However, foolishness and attempted use of weapons, or any action(s) interpreted by those of MTC to be of threatening or hostile intent, will be dealt with accordingly.

When one has proven him/herself to be an idiot, one post kills or collarings will be acknowledged. By entering our Camp, you are agreeing to hold to these standards.

Any engaging in combat within MTC will abide the rules of such as stated within our rules of combat.

All visitors, including Honored Guests and Honorary Members, will not be accorded a greeting by the slaves of MTC until safe entry is granted by a member of MTC and peaceful intentions have been stated. If no free persons are present, slaves will lock themselves in the sleen cages unless peaceful intentions are made clear.

Guests will receive ONLY food, drink, and conversation from our slaves. Unrestricted slaves will offer service to male guests while kneeling in the position of the pleasure slave, their palms turned down. (To turn them up implies that the slave is begging to be raped.) Kettle slaves, if called upon to serve, and mat-tp slaves will kneel in tower. Restricted slaves will follow the restrictions placed on them by their owner, but it is strongly recommended that their palms be turned down.

While the "lapping" of mat, senior mat, and pagar slaves is allowed with guests, NO SEXUAL TOUCHING OR PRIVATE MESSAGING IS PERMITTED WITHOUT PERMISSION.

Neither visitors/guests nor camp members will discuss with MTC slaves the matter of purchase, running away, moving to another site, etc. There have been a few exceptions, but as a general rule, Tuchuk slaves are neither sold nor bartered to non-members of MTC.

Visitors/Guests are permitted to seek one of whom they may ask questions, so long as the request is made in public. Once permission is granted, it is requested that such questions be taken to private conversation so as not to disrupt the flow of the room.

Protection collars are non-existent in John Norman's books of Gor and are not recognized or acknowledged in MTC. If a slave enters wearing such a collar, he or she risks being collared to MTC unless wearing the ~o~ (Observer designation).

Non-Gorean collars are also not recognized in MTC. Displaying such will not provide you a safe haven from being collared to MTC. For your own safety and ease, please wear the Observer designation of ~o~.

Visiting slaves may ONLY engage in sexual intimacies with THEIR Owners while visiting MTC.

Slaves visiting are not permitted to serve or dance unless such is approved by their Owner and the Ubar of MTC. Guest slaves may only serve in tower, unless serving their personal Owner.

MTC does not use the online-based "Kassar" or "Old" language which may include words or phrases such as fadu, chaq, nidan, Vana'she, Avan'she, etc. Please respect this and do not use such in our Home. If such does occur, do not be surprised if you are asked to define the term and/or recieve a reminder of this rule.


All non-interacting Visitors, Free and slave, are requested to place the observer designation ~O~ behind their chat name to signify that they are in fact not participating in the activities at hand.

Once you are known or feel at ease and decide to participate, remove the observer designation ~O~ and proceed carefully until you know our ways.

Slaves who remove the observer designation ~o~ are subject to collaring or will be dealt with as a Member of MTC deems appropriate.

No disruption by observers will be tolerated. The ~o~ (Observer designation) is by no means safe passage to create a disturbance in our home.

Those wearing an ~o~ may or may not be acknowledged or greeted depending on the current activities transpiring within MTC. Anonymous visitors may be requested to choose a name to enable better interaction. If an Anonymous visitor fails to take a name, then said visitor will be looked upon as not existing and will be left in peace to observe our home provided they do not break any of our rules concerning observers. Anonymous observers MAY request to privately message a member of MTC to ask valid and legitimate questions regarding Gor and MTC, but may not interact or participate in any way.

The links below will provide an overview for free persons who are contemplating joining our home. Slaves who are pondering a MTC collar should peruse the complete resource located under the "Slaves" section of our webpages.

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