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Welcome to the camp of the Mighty Tuchuk, one of the finest homes on Gor. According to the books of John Norman, the Tuchuk are among the fiercest on Gor. Life in a wagon camp is much different than life in a city. The Tuchuk are nomads, basically following the bosk. We are not farmers. What we have, we get from the land around us by hunting, bartering, and raiding.

For the next two weeks, you will begin your journey to become a trained Tuchuk slave. You will be expected to learn about our way of life and the duties of a slave. Your time in camp will be spent learning and studying. As a kettle or mat-tp, or thrall-tp, you are not allowed to serve with heat or to fur. All serves will be tower serves.

The Free Men and Women of this camp value its slaves. We appreciate intelligence and personality, but not laziness and attitude. If you are found to be displeasing to a Free person, punishment will be swift.

All slaves are expected to check the message boards before coming into camp to keep up with whatís going on in our home. Slaves are also expected to post their chores on the chore board located under Training section. These threads are checked daily by the Slavers and the Free Men and Women of our home.

The kajirae trainers are easily identified in Tuchuk by their tags and are fully supported by the Slavers and Council. Our trainers will work with you to help prepare you for testing to the next level. The material they use is contained in the rest of this manual. A lot of effort has gone into designing this manual, and it has been approved by our Ubar. To argue with a trainer about the content of this manual is to argue with the Ubar Himself, and such will not be tolerated. If you strongly disagree with something in the manual, you should e-mail a Slaver and outline the problem and why you think it is wrong. The issue will be researched and resolved.

The kajirae trainer is as much your master/mistress as a free person is your Master/Mistress. They have the authority to discipline you, as granted to them by the Slavers and the Ubar. If you donít like it, tough. If you are disciplined, the Slavers will be informed; you can expect to answer to them for your behavior, as well.

Finally, we recognize that R/T must come first. If you are having a problem in R/T that may affect your performance, seek out one of the Slavers or Council Members. If you will be away for an extended period of time, make a post on the IC board to let us know; or e-mail us, and we will post it for you.

-Sidona, First Slaver

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