A Man's Introduction to Our Home

Although our culture is based upon the books authored by John Norman, we of MTC do have our own standards of activity for the men of our Home.

The men of MTC are first and foremost warriors and herders. We see to the safety of our bosk, our mounts the kailla, and whatever other critters that may be in MTC at any given time. Do bear in mind that not all the critters we may deal with are of the plains. Some may be from other areas taken by raiding Caravans passing through our lands.

Every man will take part in the various duties of MTC. Remember that each man is a Warrior in time of need. Skill with weaponry is a necessity to live upon the Plains. Men will actively train and spar to develop and maintain their efficiency at arms.

The men of MTC love and value their sisters. They do NOT seize any opportunity to collar a Free Woman who is a member of our Home and Family. The free males of our home will defend and protect their sisters with their lives, if need be. In return, free women will see to the needs of our men within the scope of their duties and functions. Keep in mind, men: Should a sister in MTC become angry with you, seem to not be as caring as she should be, or not show signs of any outward acceptance of you, do NOT immediately try to find fault with her. Our sisters are among the finest Free Women you will find on Gor. If they are less than loving toward you, first take pause and ask yourself what you may have done to warrant such from them. Our sisters are not perfect, but they are good Tuchuk Free Women. Treat them as such and with respect. They have earned it!

The men of MTC highly value and protect our slaves. They are an essential part of our daily lives! They are slaves, and such is not forgotten. However, being a free man in Tuchuk does NOT give you the right to be abusive in our Home. Treat them well and in turn you will reap tenfold the service returned to you.

As a free man of MTC, you will be expected to always place Home and Family above your own personal needs and desires. Do such for others and they will in turn do such for you.

Brotherhood, Loyalty, Courage, Honor, Duty, Sacrifice, and other such qualities are highly prized and valued among us. They are more than just mere words. They are a way of life in MTC.

These are just a few of the many things you will learn and may expect within MTC. If this is what you seek, then be welcome at our fires.

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