Member Rules and Information

General Protocols...


• MTC is a full kill, forced-collaring area. Any coming to MTC who wear the observer designation will neither be harmed, killed, nor collared, provided the observer maintains proper conduct according to our laws. Failure to do so will result in actions taken upon them as deemed appropriate by MTC guidelines. Observer guidelines are further detailed near the bottom of this page. Those who do not wear the observer tag should be mindful of the rules set aside for visitors and guests.

 • Disruptions will NOT be tolerated. These may include, but are not limited to, foul language, out-of-character threats, actions not consistent with Gorean standards, etc. This applies to members of MTC as well as to outsiders.

• All initial greetings are to be done in PM to allow for less flooding of the room with greetings. 
For Free People- Tuchuk is family. Free should also greet family in PM.
For Slaves- they need to post an entry post, establishing their position in camp BEFORE greeting each Free in PM. Personally owned slaves may want to start with their owner, but there is no particular greeting order to follow.

We ask the owners of PM restricted slaves to allow the greetings to be an exception to the restriction.

Greeting back should also be done in PM.

*Public greetings may be given when encountering each other during roleplay.

 • MTC Members will not enter the room and observe under unknown/anonymous names. If you wish to enter the room without actively role-playing, use the name by which you are known in camp and add an OOC designation. (This is NOT a free pass to mouth off or berate others.) If you are discovered breaking this law in Tuchuk, you will be viewed as dualling and treated accordingly. Please note: current and retired Council members and members of the Slave Training Team are exempt from this law. Such persons may be required to observe members of our home or to discuss matters that time during active role-play would not permit.  Do not abuse this by simply hiding anonymously. This was designed for the purpose stated, not just to hang out because one feels like it.

 • Members of camp are expected to keep busy. Granted, there are times when we, as a family, will take our place around the fires and engage in discussion and idle chatter. This, however, is not to be expected each time one comes into our Home. Even Free have duties and tasks they perform both for themselves and for their Home and family. An active camp is a thriving camp and will draw others to our home, thus increasing our numbers, our friendships, and the role-play aspect of our life; as well as new and useful outlooks and input during our discussions of the Gorean way of life.

 • Cliques are not appreciated, nor will they be tolerated. Close friendships are treasured in MTC... but so are family ties and unity. Although one-on-one role-play will sometimes occur, especially when Clan business is involved, do make it a point to interact with all of the members of our home. Our family grows larger each day, and each member has something to offer; please be sure that no one ends up feeling alone in a crowd. On the flipside to all of this... do understand that if you are the type of person who waits for a personal invitation to join in, you may well be waiting for quite some time. We are not a home of meek, timid, and shy people. We are Tuchuks. Step up and join in!

 • The wagons of Tuchuk are brightly colored and things of great beauty. Beauty will naught be taken from our home by carelessness or acting without thinking. Damaging the hides of the roofs or the wagons and contents will be a crime and a violation of our laws. This does not include the good natured pranks and enjoyable mayhem sometimes brought about by good spirits and intentions. This law focuses on actual destruction of fine works. The bosk... the Plains... the sky.... the wagons... all are images of the Wagon Peoples Culture. They are our lives. Bear this in mind.

 • MTC does not use the online-based "Kassar" or "Old" language which may include words or phrases such as fadu, chaq, nidan, Vana'she, Avan'she, etc.   We also do not use the BDSM split C/caps.  Please respect this and do not use such in our Home. If such does occur, do not be surprised if you are asked to define the term and/or receive a reminder of this rule.

 • Camp slaves are not permitted to exchange ICQ, MSN, email addresses, etc, with any member of MTC save Slave Coordinators, slave trainers, and those who sit upon Council. Requests for such by non-Council members or those not on the training team is prohibited. Requests for such by non-members of MTC are strictly prohibited.

 • It is understood that friendship extends beyond just our Gorean personas. It is further understood that friends will wish to contact one another. This will be permitted, provided such communications do not include camp matters, especially the passing of information such as gossip; slave purchasing or collaring arrangements not cleared through the Ubar or Council; or that which could be considered treasonous against the Ubar, Council, or the welfare of MTC as a whole.

 • Camp slaves will not meet Masters/ Mistresses elsewhere to serve them. Camp slaves serve Camp Members in CAMP and not elsewhere. (Direct any defiance of this rule to the Ubar.)

 • Kajirae are not required to accept private messages, NOR are they allowed to send them WITHOUT prior permission from the one they wish to PM. Any private messages to a slave without permission granted for them WILL be posted publicly. A slave will copy and paste said private posts publicly in the camp, and the infraction will be dealt with by that slave's Master/Mistress (if the slave has a private collar) or by the Ubar and Council (if the slave is Camp-owned). The exception to this rule:  kajirae may pm the Ubar, a Council member, the Slave Coordinators, trainers or first girl for help, without permission, at any time.

 • All discussion of sales, barters, or giftings of camp slaves will not be tolerated. As camp slaves are the property of the Ubar, any and all discussions will go through the Ubar.

 • Camp girls reside in the kennel wagon.  Unrestricted camp girls may be used by full members of MTC on an occasional basis. They are naught to be called your girl, your love muffin, your drippy dream, etc. they belong to myself and Tuchuk as a whole. if they do naught wear your collar they are naught your girls.  Bear in mind that although no fee is charged for their sexual usage, gratuity would be considered proper.

 • A slave will not converse with others in the midst of service. This will be understood by the members of MTC and will be made clear to others should the need arise. (The exception to this rule is when one slave asks another, in a private message, who has already been served.) Likewise, a free person's attention should be on the slave from whom service was requested. Our slaves are among the finest upon Gor and as such warrant our attention as they serve our desires. Failure to give the proper attention may -- and usually does -- have an adverse reaction upon the slave. Such feelings of inadequacy, of being an outsider from our family, etc., usually lead the slave to seek to leave us. This is unacceptable.

 • Service may mean many things in regards to slaves. Dancing, serving food, serving drink, simple conversation, etc., are all ways a slave may serve a Free. Do not intrude upon this service by expecting a slave to drop what s/he is doing and immediately see to your pleasures. It will simply not be done. Allow the slave to be released before requesting your own service. Make inquiry of the Free receiving service if unsure if the slave has been released.

 • No free woman will travel in the wilds and/or to another home without the escort of a free man, period. There will no longer be any exceptions to this rule without proper and authorized treaties. As of 12/02/2006: Unescorted travel under the provisions of a treaty will only be done with the knowledge of our Ubar. Violations may result in collaring or death. Gor is a harsh world where unprotected women often fall captive. Any woman who travels without escort is needlessly endangering the free men of her home, upon whose shoulders her rescue would fall. A NPC "guard" is not a suitable escort unless treaty relations say otherwise.

 • Free women are expected to be proper in their words and actions. Although Tuchuk free women are allowed more freedoms than women of the cities, exhibiting sexual behavior, wearing revealing avatars, and threatening or attacking a free man are punishable offenses which may result in collaring or death.

 • No free woman will seek to hold a Gorean man to the earthen concept of a monogamous sexual relationship. Yes, jealousy is a natural human emotion -- but Gorean women knew better than to try to dictate a man's sexual exploits. If you have been guilty of warning a free woman or a slave against paying too much attention to "your" man, or if you have "advised" her that a certain man is "taken" because he already has a slave/Intended/Companion, you are out of line. While you may even mean well, it is none of your business. The Ubar has stated that this is "pure bullshit," and that he had better never catch someone doing this. In other words, leave your earthen ideals of girlfriend/boyfriend-style relationships at the door. (The obvious but highly unlikely exception would be if you have concrete proof that a Companioned man is consorting with a free woman other than his Companion -- and that would be a matter to bring directly to our Ubar or a Council Member.)

Treaties, Bans, and Travel Restrictions Per the Ubar...

As of 3/21/10:
Richard of Laura is welcome in MTC to discuss trade and such. He received his Merchant brand on his left forearm and is given passage through Tuchuk lands and the ability to trade with those of Tuchuk.

As of 8/05/09: Kassar Camp of PG under Ubar Methos is hereby safe passage in accordance with travel requirements.  This home is considered safe and protected to both camps members so long as behavior is as expected.

As of 2/09/06: Kevlar of Kassar GRP (Blade's Kassar) is welcome in MTC to discuss trade and such. His girl(s) may serve our home, so long as Kevlar is present, at first, to field questions and avoid any misunderstandings regarding the use of the slave(s).

As of 12/29/05: Paravaci Camp under Zarrius is hereby off limits to all of MTC. No travel to their room is permitted. There will be no discussion regarding this matter.

As of 05/26/05: Kassar DSC and Maze Tuchuk have formed a raiding agreement. Standard Maze raid rules will be followed, with the addition of timestamp scoring for hits/misses/eliminations.

Regarding Slaves...


• Camp slaves will not travel without an escort from MTC, as well as permission from Ubar, period. As a slave is already collared, violations may well result in death.

 • Permission is not required for slaves to enter, only to leave. ALL kajirae, except those wearing the ~o~, will beg permission to depart from camp and are required to ask up to three times to leave. Kajirae will allow a MINIMUM of 30 seconds between their three requests to allow Masters/Mistresses time to respond. THE UBAR IS ADAMANT on this point! Once having asked three times and receiving no response, a slave is free to leave. Even if no one is present to grant permission, the slave must still post three requests before departing.  Exception:  If there are no Free persons in the room, a slave only needs to ask once before being able to leave.

 • Once a slave has been granted permission to leave, s/he will do so with brief goodbyes and then depart. If the slave is still in camp five minutes later, s/he will need seek and obtain permission again. A slave will not linger about with lengthy good-byes, playful interaction, or in-depth discussions.

 • Kajirae are NOT allowed to 'double screen.’ When a slave is in Camp that is the ONLY place s/he should be. Divided attentions lead to poor service.  The only exceptions to this rule are for slaves that are studying or need to look up something in the pages.  If  a slave needs to double screen for any other reason, he/she should make sure all the Free have been served and then seek permission from the ranking Free person in the room.

 • Any slave in the Camp may speak with the Ubar publicly or privately at any time. The Ubar's girl(s), council members, slave coordinators and trainers will also provide help at any time. A slave is guaranteed that any message given for the Ubar WILL be delivered.

 • Battles/Raids/Confrontations: slaves will go to the cages and lock themselves in. There are NO ALTERNATIVES. (If it were Earth, slaves would not pass go or collect $200, either). Slaves will not post publicly, only privately to each other until the confrontation is over. They will REMAIN in the cages until a MASTER or MISTRESS tells the slaves they may come out of the cages.

 • Slaves are expected to be active participants in our home! They are to perform at least three chores per week when their Master/Mistress is not present or if they are not serving. A busy Camp offers a wide variety of chores to choose from...pick one. Slaves working together strengthen the bond between them. Doing chores and finding pleasure in such service to Camp only strengthens one’s belly. Many free persons find as much pleasure in a slave doing chores as they find in a slave serving them food or drink. Slaves who have met the minimum weekly chore requirement are encouraged to develop and explore their characters through in-depth role-play and interaction. MTC wants neither lazy slaves nor chore drones; as with anything, a balance must be maintained!

 • All slaves need to know the training levels (kettle, mat~tp, mat, senior mat, and pagar; and thrall-tp, thrall, and senior thrall) and the duties that go along with them; how to serve; slave positions and commands; and basic foods and drinks and their preparation. All slaves must also demonstrate knowledge of the rules (i.e.: just do them.*smiles*), and STAY familiar with the MTC Camp Membership page. This insures proper, honorable, and respectful service to ALL Masters/Mistresses.


Additional Protocols for Visitors and Guests


• Visiting free persons need not disarm when entering our Camp. However, foolishness and attempted use of weapons, or any action(s) interpreted by those of MTC to be of threatening or hostile intent, will be dealt with accordingly.

 • When one has proven him/herself to be an idiot, one post kills or collaring will be acknowledged. By entering our Camp, you are agreeing to hold to these standards.

 • Any engaging in combat within MTC will abide the rules of such as stated within our rules of combat.

 • All visitors, including Honored Guests and Honorary Members, will not be accorded a greeting by the slaves of MTC until safe entry is granted by a member of MTC and peaceful intentions have been stated. If no free persons are present, slaves will lock themselves in the sleen cages unless peaceful intentions are made clear.

 • Guests will receive ONLY food, drink, and conversation from our slaves. Unrestricted slaves will offer service to male guests while kneeling in the position of the pleasure slave, their palms turned down. (To turn them up implies that the slave is begging to be raped.) Kettle slaves, if called upon to serve and mat-tp slaves will kneel in tower. Restricted slaves will follow the restrictions placed on them by their owner, but it is strongly recommended that their palms be turned down.

 • While the "lapping" of mat, senior mat, and pagar slaves is allowed with guests, NO SEXUAL TOUCHING OR PRIVATE MESSAGING IS PERMITTED WITHOUT PERMISSION.

 • Neither visitors/guests nor camp members will discuss with MTC slaves the matter of purchase, running away, moving to another site, etc. There have been a few exceptions, but as a general rule, Tuchuk slaves are neither sold nor bartered to non-members of MTC.

 • Visitors/Guests are permitted to seek one of whom they may ask questions, so long as the request is made in public. Once permission is granted, it is requested that such questions be taken to private conversation so as not to disrupt the flow of the room.

 • Protection collars are non-existent in John Norman's books of Gor and are not recognized or acknowledged in MTC. If a slave enters wearing such a collar, he or she risks being collared to MTC unless wearing the ~o~ (Observer designation).

 • Non-Gorean collars are also not recognized in MTC. Displaying such will not provide you a safe haven from being collared to MTC. For your own safety and ease, please wear the Observer designation of ~o~.

 • Visiting slaves may ONLY engage in sexual intimacies with THEIR Owners while visiting MTC.

 • Slaves visiting are not permitted to serve or dance unless such is approved by their Owner and the Ubar of MTC. Guest slaves may only serve in tower, unless serving their personal Owner.




• All non-interacting Visitors, Free and slave, are requested to place the observer designation ~O~ behind their chat name to signify that they are in fact not participating in the activities at hand.

 • Slaves may visit MTC as many times as they wish wearing the ~o~ AS LONG AS they follow and respect the rules of our home for visitors and observers.

 • Once you are known or feel at ease and decide to participate, remove the observer designation ~O~ and proceed carefully until you know our ways.

 • Slaves who remove the observer designation ~o~ are subject to collaring or will be dealt with as a Member of MTC deems appropriate.  Please note that all slaves will be collared as a MTC camp slave unless prior arrangements have been made and approved by the Ubar.

 • No disruption by observers will be tolerated. The ~o~ (Observer designation) is by no means safe passage to create a disturbance in our home.

 • Those wearing an ~o~ may or may not be acknowledged or greeted depending on the current activities transpiring within MTC. Anonymous visitors may be requested to choose a name to enable better interaction. If an Anonymous visitor fails to take a name, then said visitor will be looked upon as not existing and will be left in peace to observe our home provided they do not break any of our rules concerning observers. Anonymous observers MAY request to privately message a member of MTC to ask valid and legitimate questions regarding Gor and MTC, but may not interact or participate in any way.


If unsure of something, ask. It is much safer asking than to commit an offense and have to pay the consequences.

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