A Woman's Introduction to Our Home

So, you want to be a free woman of Tuchuk?

Making the commitment to join a home is a deeply personal decision. You must determine what is best for you, and if we are it, have at and have fun! To help you make an informed decision, we offer a few words of wisdom about the how’s and why's of what we do.

The nomadic life is not an easy one. Imagine the tough, gritty Pioneer woman upon the prairies of the American Old West, and you will begin to envision the Tuchuk woman. We are fierce, proud, hard-working women, leather-clad and nose-ringed, utterly unlike the veiled and pampered ladies of the high-walled cities. As such, Ubar RAGNAR allows us a great degree of freedom, much more so than would be found outside the Wagons.

We must also mention that one of our foremost priorities in Tuchuk is to follow the letter of the books of Gor as closely as possible, within relative online reason. We take the world that John Norman has created and use that world as the base of our online lives. There are idiosyncrasies here, just as there are everywhere in online Gor, but we truly attempt to capture the flavor and passion of Nomadic life as John Norman envisioned it. For this reason, we as free women are also allowed to defend our home in raid situations, as we see in the following passage:

“Some of the rear flanks actually climbed fallen and struggling comrades and leaped over the wagons to the other side, where they were cut down by archers and dragged from their kaiila to be flung under the knives of free Tuchuk women.”—Nomads of Gor, 262

There are many differing opinions on our allowance of such, but this what our Ubar has deemed fit. Although participating in raids is not a mandatory activity, it is highly recommended that our women take advantage of this unique opportunity. While the specifics of our defense capabilities and fighting limitations can be found in greater detail elsewhere on this site, suffice it to say that a woman should never draw steel on a warrior. We may instead use horn bows, quivas, bolas, meat skewers, broomsticks, meat hooks, frying pans, and whatever other implements are at hand. Never threaten unless you are fully prepared to face any and all repercussions of such an action!

Nor do our women merely stand about looking tough and battle-ready. As we said before, Tuchuk women are a hard-working lot. Nomadic life offers a wide variety of Clans, each with its own unique activities. We have Slave Overseers (a council-only position), Bakers, Leather Workers, Butchers, Stock Tenders, Healers, Singers, Scribes (another council-only position), and Furriers, to name but a few Clans. Think of the day-to-day life and needs of a wagon camp and decide which activity is right for you!

Still interested in becoming a Tuchuk free woman?

Voice your desire to petition for membership to our Ubar or a Council Member! "Assoc. MTC" will be added to your tags for approximately a week while you demonstrate continued interest, then "MTC tp" will take its place for another two weeks’ time. During this trial period, you should talk with our Ubar or a Council member to determine your Clan role within camp. When you have decided on the direction your character will take, work up a biography so we all know a little bit of your history. At the end of the three week period, Council will vote on your membership.

Find your niche and roll with it. Have fun with your character, develop her, nourish her, and grow with her through your role-play. In this home, do not expect people to yank you into role-play; jump right in and start having a ball from the get-go -- within reason, of course. Get to know our family members and what they will and will not tolerate. Everyone is different and contributes in a different way, but at the core of it all is a loving, devoted, fearsome family —- the family of the Tuchuks!

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