MTC's City of Dust

aerin {KL} ~W~
- neck broken by Timel of Kassar while attempting to take her for ransom

amanda{MTC} - mat slave - died due to stupidity

Al MOSSAD aka JARROD aka DOV al Sabra - banished by order of Ubar for desertion

Anthony Lockwood - died due to injuries inflicted in an honor spar

Bella Morte - under penalty of death for TREASON

Blaze Windrider - killed in a fall from his tarn

bot{MTC} - killed by RAGNAR for utter stupidity

Bramanuk - killed in combat by One of BaBonti

brooke{MTC} - branded a liar and traitress before being hamstrung and impaled for her crimes; any future characters or incarnations are to be killed on sight

cameron - life forfeit to Satiara to do with as she saw fit

charriah - killed by RAGNAR for dishonoring Tuchuk and her brothers and sisters

christy{MTC}/lori{MTC} - killed by Knight Lasher for dishonor to MTC during her first incarnation, she was then banned from the Maze for gaming and harrassment follow her second brief stint in our home

Corazon of AR C_C - slain by Shukan Nar on 10/03/05 for dispresct to MTC

Danial/Karuka/Marylyn - male typist banned from Maze Gor for dualling and cross-gendering within MTC and other homes/sites

Dante Rhea - mortally wounded

DarkStar - killed in deathmatch by RAGNAR

DeathShadow - under penalty of death for TREASON

Erich - killed in a deathmatch by RAGNAR

EviLyn - killed while attacking RAGNAR

First Knight - crushed beneath his wagon while repairing it

flame - killed by impaling for disrespect to free persons


frost - killed by Hawk.

gnisis{MTC/Sandy} - slain by her Mistress on 12/03/05 for dishonoring her collar and home with lies, disrespect, and disobedience; typist banned from MTC

Gray - axed by RAGNAR

GUNDAR, Jarl of 10,000 - killed in deathmatch by RAGNAR

Jakira - Banished for dishonor to RAGNAR and MTC

Jarl Thundergurd - killed in deathmatch by RAGNAR

je'kar - slain by Deathshadow

kas - slain by talena for disrespect to Ubar, to MTC, and to fellow kajirae

Ka'Tara - killed by a sleen after straying too far from the safety of camp boundaries

Katie/katriana{KR}/Lady Sara - killed for dualling

kaztar - a runaway from MTC who was killed in Kassar Ameeshia on 9/24/05

kitten {KL/MTC}~R~ - killed by a kailla

koda{Sid} - slain by his Mistress

Lady Deputy Banished for TREASON by order of RAGNAR

lil blessing {MTC}~Y~ - executed by order of Ubar for dishonor

malthus{AD/MTC} - slain for dualling as nate and moto

melody {Tal} - executed by order of Ubara Talena, as approved by Ubar RAGNAR, for the dishonor of dualling. She was staked out for the women and slaves of the wagons to take their path over her. her life was then ended by the trampling of Berat, who was led by the slave then known as delilah{~Tal~-1}.

Menzker - killed in deathmatch by RAGNAR

moon - followed her Master, Menzker, to the CoD

narcissus {prism/dee/lillia} - sleen kibble

Nychole - after nearly drowning, she slipped into a coma from which she never awoke

Pat - slain by RAGNAR

pedansa{Reyas} - slain by RAGNAR at the behest of Ubara Karanis, Training Coordinator and Councilwoman Sidona, and MTC member Vala for being displeasing

Puma - under penalty of death for the TREASON of living a dual life in MTC and DsT as Puma

Rapture - killed by Trel

~renaisance~ {MTC} - executed by order of Ubar for dishonor

Scarloc - killed by Micah

Scorpion - a kill-on-sight for dishonor to MTC, he was slain by Shukan Nar when he entered our home on 10/01/05


SKAR - killed in deathmatch by RAGNAR

StoneS - slain by a wild animal while hunting

Suzzanne Zisk - banished by order of RAGNAR

talos{MTC} - a runaway sentenced to death by impalement for his disrespect toward free persons

Trel - under under penalty of death for TREASON

Venroc - slain for failing to follow through with the terms of a deal he made with Soth GreyEagle, thus dishonoring the camp of MTC

Vidvan - killed in deathmatch by RAGNAR

Vincent The Kassarian - killed by Death Shadow

zahira{MTC} - after shelving her character in March of '05 to avoid punishment for her disrespect, she appeared in MTC on 10/03/05 and was slain by Taryn Iona for her fresh bout of mouthiness

Zymm - killed in deathmatch by RAGNAR


Lost to Us in RT


dream{MTC} - sadly taken from us due to RT death

Ubara Nexhias - taken from us in February of '09 when she lost her RT battle with cancer and wounds received in war

SANDAR - taken from us in April 03 when he lost his RT battle with cancer

sunai{Ari/Sati} - taken from us when she lost her RT battle with heart disease


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