"The wagon of... [the] Ubar of the Tuchuks...was drawn up on a large, flat-topped, grassy hill, the highest land in the camp.

"Beside the wagon, on a great pole fixed in the earth, stood the Tuchuk standard of the four bosk horns.

"The hundred, rather than eight, bosk that drew his wagon had been unyoked; they were huge, red bosk; their horns had been polished and their coats glistened from the comb and oils; their golden nose rings were set with jewels; necklaces of precious stones hung from the polished horns.

"The wagon itself was the largest in camp, and the largest wagon I had conceived possible; actually it was a vast platform, set on numerous wheeled frames; though at the edges of the platform, on each side, there were a dozen of the large wheels such as are found on the much smaller wagons; these latter wheels turned as the wagon moved and supported weight, but could not themselves have supported the entire weight of that fantastic, wheeled palace of hide. The hides that formed the dome were of a thousand colors, and the smoke hole at the top must have stood more than a hundred feet from the flooring of that vast platform. I could well conjecture the riches, the loot and the furnishings that would dazzle the interior of such a magnificent dwelling."óNomads, 41


In our camp, the wagon of our Ubar is known as DRAGONSLAIR. When we migrate between our summer and winter lands, the enormous wagon and its one hundred bosk are expertly driven by our Ubarís first girl. The wagon itself looks exactly like the description of the Ubarís wagon as detailed in John Normanís Nomads of Gor--with the exception that this one has a front porch!

(more descriptions to follow...)


As for the interior of the wagon, the below diagram will help you visualize the layout of the wgon and itís various chambers. The white areas on the diagram are white larl furs. For this reason, everyone, free and slave alike will remove their boots/sandals and have their feet washed upon entering the wagon!



As you can imagine, taking care of DRAGONSLAIR is a momentous task. One that the first girl would not be able to do by herself. Camp slaves should take an active part in caring for DRAGONSLAIR. This will help prepare them for the care of a future ownerís wagon!

Below is a list of chores that can be done. Each camp slave will do ONE chore from this list (or one they come up with that would be feasable) as one of their three required weekly chores. The chores will be posted to the DRAGONSLAIR chore thread.

Personally owned slaves may also do chores as long as they have the permission of their owner.



* Sweep steps and wagon platform.

* Grease all axles.

* Dust railing around platform and shields hanging upon it.

* Fresh water at the wash basin each day... soap... and towel. (By steps)

* Verr three times a week under wagon to feed old 18' forest sleen Kamchak.

* 8 saddles and tack in tack boxes on platform... checked and polished if needed.

* Fresh water in smaller wooden cask by steps with ladle.

* Clean furs on porch.

* Dust weapons on weapons rack by steps.

* Oil leather rope coils hanging on the outside of the wagon box.

* Oil coils of chain hanging on the outside of the wagon box.

* Lamps and torches will be tended each night.



* Sweep and polish all exposed wooden floors as needed.

* Spot clean white larl furs as needed.

* Clean all furs as needed.

* Clean and refill all braziers as needed... light only as needed. Maintain ten sacks of dung in storage area at all times. (Note... each smaller area has its own brazier.)

* Armory and treasury are off limits unless instructed otherwise.

* All commissary items will be maintained and commissary and commissary storage will be kept spotless

* The Ubara often dines in private so there will be items to tend to.

* Fresh water and fresh meat will be stocked daily.

* Water is to be maintained in the bathing area in the large cauldron suspended over the brazier.

* A hamstrung thrall washing feet will need be kept supplied with freshwater, soaps, and towels.

* A hamstrung thrall pulls the leather rope operating a large flap fan. Both will need fed, watered, and tended daily.

* Sleeping furs in the Master sleeping chamber will be tended daily.

* Private personal chambers will be checked daily to see if used, and tended accordingly.

* All lamps are to be kept filled and ready for use. All lamps are suspended by chains and must be raised and lowered to fill, light, and extinguish by releasing the chain from a wall cleat and lowering or raising. A minimum of ten casks of oil will be maintained in the storage chamber at all times.

* All chamber pots will be checked and tended if needed daily.

* ASKARI are posted throughout the wagon, and the Watch Commander and additional "On-Call" ASKARI can be found in the Watch Commander Chamber. Remember to tend their needs.

* Council chamber will be off limits to slaves while in use unless a slave is summoned.

* Dirty clothing will be gathered from baskets in the private chambers and tended to once a week. When cleaned the clothing will be returned to the appropriate chests in the private chambers.

* Medical supplies will be checked daily, and replaced when used. Medical chamber will be maintained in immaculate condition.

* Interior walls are wood and bosk horn framed construction with extremely valuable tapestries used as wall coverings. Various items are displayed on the walls as trophies and keepsakes. These must be maintained in dust free and cleaned condition.

* No slave will ever touch The shield of RAGNAR's Fathers or the families great axe hung over the head of the sleeping chamber furs. Only RAGNAR may touch these two items.

* One prized black saddle and tack is kept on a saddle stand within RAGNAR's private chamber. It is a deep rich black leather saddle with gold and silver fittings and hardware, a saddle blanket in ASKARI blue with golden tassels and trim around the edges, the frame of the saddle constructed of carved and formed bosk horn. A matching set of saddlebags with solid gold RgR on each flap is kept with the saddle. The rein of black braided leather with matching gold tassels is also present. The breastplate of the saddle is solid silver with solid gold Tuchuk bosk horns overlay. Weapons are kept with this saddle. All gifted through the years. This will always be handled by slaves wearing soft cloth gloves. It will be kept spotless and free of dust. A small six-board chest sits beneath the saddle stand containing the gloves, oils, polishes, and polishing cloths for use.


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