Companionship in MTC

According to the books of Gor written by John Norman, Free Companionship is a lifetime contract, often just a simple business contract for the purpose of ensuring bloodline and increasing family wealth and rank. In order for Free Companionship to work in our online world, it must have its practical differences. The rules for Companioning will likely differ in each virtual-time Gorean home. In MTC, the Free Companionship rules shall be as follows:

    Those wishing to enter into Free Companionship in MTC shall speak with the Ubar before announcing their intentions publicly for all to hear.

    There shall be a minimum of thirty days as a "period of engagement" before the FC ceremony takes place in order to be sure this is actually desired and not simply a whim of the moment.

    Once the Free Companionship takes place, the contract shall last for a period of six months. At the end of that six month period of time, the contract may be renewed for another six month period, or both parties may go their separate ways.

    An actual "contract" between those being Free Companioned in MTC shall exist. This shall be sent to Council at where it shall be kept on file. The contract shall contain specifications pertaining to taking slaves to furs, valid e-mail addresses and ICQ/MSN for both parties, the date of the "engagement period," and the date the contract expires, as well as any pertinent agreement(s) between both parties.

    Musical Free Companions will NAUGHT be played in MTC. If for some reason a contract must be broken, both parties shall submit a request for separation to council at the above mentioned address. Council will look into the matter and contact the parties with the verdict.

    If a Free Companionship contract is voided, both parties shall be prohibited from entering into another "period of engagement" and/or Free Companionship contract until the original six month period of time shown in the voided contract has expired.

    Willful violation of terms set forth in the contract will be considered as a personal dishonor to the party involved as well as to MTC and may carry penalties including but naught limited to collaring and banishment.


ALWAYS REMEMBER: there is a real person on the other end of your computer with real feelings and desires.


MTC bases its Companionship laws upon the following quotes from the Gorean novels of John Norman:

“’The companionship is gone,’ said Telima. ‘More than a year has passed,’ she pointed out, ‘and you have not, together, repledged it.’

“’That is true,’ I admitted. By Gorean law, the companionship, to be binding, must, together, be annually renewed, pledged afresh with the wines of love.

“’And,’ said Telima, ‘both of you were once enslaved, and that, in itself, disolves the companionship. Slaves cannot stand in companionship.’”—Captive of Gor, 367

“’There is no freer nor higher nor more beautiful woman,’ I said, ‘than the Gorean Free Companion. Compare her with the average wife of Earth.’
“’The Tuchuk women,’ said Elizabeth, ‘Have a miserable lot.’
“’Few of them,’ I said, ‘Would be regarded in the cities as a Free Companion.’—Nomads, 290


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