Weights and Measures


A hort is a Gorean measurement of distance equal on Earth to 1.25 inches or 3.2 metric centimeters.

One Gorean Foot: One Gorean foot is equal to 10 hort. Therefore 10 hort would equal an Earth distance of 12.6 inches or 31.75 metric centimeters.

Ah-il: An ah-il is equal to an Earth measurement of 18 inches or 45.72 metric centimeters or on simple estimated terms, the distance from the tip of one's middle finger to the center of one’s elbow.

Ah-ral: An ah-ral is equal to 10 ah-il. Therefore, this is equal to an Earth measurement of 180 inches (15 feet or 5 yards) or 457.2 metric centimeters (4.572 meters).

Pasang: A pasang is equal to one seventh of an Earth mile. Therefore this is equal to an Earth measurement of 251.4 yards (754.3 feet) or a metric measurement of about 229.91 meters (roughly .2299 kilometers).


A stone is equal to an Earth measurement of 4 pounds or a metric measurement of 1.8 kilograms.

Gorean weight: One Gorean weight is equal in measurement to 10 Stone, an Earth measurement of 40 pounds, and a metric measurement of 18.14 kilograms.


A tef is roughly a handful.

Tefa: A tefa is roughly equal to 6 tef.

Huda: A huda is roughly equal to 5 tefa.

Talu: A talu is equal to about 2 Earth gallons or 7.5 metric liters.


Gorean day: A Gorean day is equal to 20 ahn.

Ahn: An ahn is equal to 40 ehn or one Gorean hour.

Ehn: An ehn is equal to 80 ihn or one Gorean minute.

Ihn: An ihn is a Gorean second.

Hand: A hand is a Gorean week which is made up of 5 Gorean days.

Gorean month: A Gorean month is 5 Gorean weeks.

Passage hand: A passage hand is the 5 Gorean day period between Gorean months.

Waiting hand: A waiting hand is the 5 Gorean days between the 12 passage hands and the Gorean New Year. Such takes place on the Vernal Equinox, which some believe is sometime on or about March 21st.


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