The Sa-Clan

"Sa" means "Life" and "Clan" means "Family."

The "Life Family" consists of the free persons who brought life to this Camp and keep life breathing in this Camp.

So what does this mean to MTC?

Those frees who first came and founded Maze Tuchuk Camp, as we know it today, were so close that they went beyond the usual feelings and standards to which most rooms on Gor are held. These original Members symbolized the heart and soul of MTC. So close were these Members that they can only be looked upon as forming their own Clan.

Those original Sa-Clan Members were as follows:

White Diamond

A Free in MTC, White Diamond was collared and spirited off from our home. The girl grew fond of her new Master and chose to willingly accompany him on his journeys. Sadly, this arrangement came to an end when the girl went missing, and word was that the girl did not survive. But that is not the end of her story. She now resides with the Kataii as a slave. She lives, yet not as the Free Woman who once was.

Knight Lasher

Our brother Knight Lasher was new to our ways but quickly became a skilled and valued Warrior and member of our home. The day came when our brother felt the need to move on and seek his fortunes outside of MTC. Our brother did well and gained glory through skill of arms throughout the Gorean world. He formed a Camp of his own, and it prospered. Misfortune was then visited upon him, and he met his untimely demise in battle and now resides in the Cities of Dust.

First Knight

Our Brother First Knight accompanied RAGNAR from their old home, became a valued member, and sat upon the Council of MTC. Our brother, too, fell victim to misfortune and was killed in an accident in camp as he was working upon his wagon wheels. The wagon shifted and crushed our brother beneath its massive weight. He was sent with Honors to the Cities of Dust to join the other Clan members.


Talena came to know RAGNAR as a brother long before he became a Ubar. One fine day, she submitted to him and became one of his girls. She was his pagar slave from the beginning of MTC as we know it today. Talena was later made Ubara and a member of the Sa-Clan as well. A turn of events came about, and she left MTC for a time. Talena later returned to us, though her time as a free woman was relatively short. She became the slave of Trel, an Iron Master. When he left Maze Tuchuk to form his own Tuchuk camp on DarkSide Chat, talena could not forsake her home of so long and was placed in a camp collar. Then her eyes fell upon a Hunter, and she knew deep within the heart and belly of her that he was her love Master. When the Hunter looked upon talena, all bundled like a bear in her winter clothing, he knew that she was his love slave. And so the bear came to wear the Hunter's collar and became talena{Sirius}. Unfortunately, this special time proved all too short, and Sirius did not return from hunting one day. After many months of sadly watching the horizon, hope slowly dwindling, talena was returned to a camp collar. She remains a pagar slave within MTC.


Only RAGNAR remains of this Clan.

He is alone...

But perhaps the Clan's life will continue. The love, heart, and dedication within MTC has easily attained and surpassed even that with which it orginally began. RAGNAR, the remaining Clan member and still Ubar, is pondering accepting a chosen few into this Clan so it may thrive as MTC continues to thrive.

Time will tell.


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