All bids are to remain private between the bidder and the Ubar of MTC.

Information regarding auctions will be posted upon the camp wall for all to see.

Bids will be emailed to

Be sure to include your Gorean name when submitting a bid.

Be mindful and attentive to the times and dates bids will be accepted. Neither early bids nor late bids will be considered.


It would be wise to keep your bids confidential until the time they are placed. Although at present we have good family members, at times one bad one does tend to slip through our Membership standards and appear to be family. Sharing your bid will likely cause these poor excuses for family members to use it to their best advantage and create a bid that may best yours, hence costing you the slave.

Bids will remain realistic by Gorean standards. No extravagant, unrealistic bids will even be considered.

It is highly suggested that you keep and maintain a list of the goods and valuables that are your property. In this way, you know what you have to bid with. All too often bids are pulled out of thin air with no real validity of the bidder owning such.


A two week trial period exists for all sales. During this time, either the slave or the free may petition for the sale to be declared null and void. The Ubar shall make the final decision if such a petition is justified and valid.

The slave will be returned to the Ubar and your bid returned should the sale not be what it was hoped for.

If, at a later date, the slave should be put up for sale and/or auction, the slave will first be offered back to the Ubar for return to a camp collar—or to a member of our family—before any outside bidders will be considered.


The offered goods or services will be rendered upon delivery of the slave. Failure to do so may be punishable and looked upon as dishonorable.

Anything naught mentioned will be left to Ubar's discretion.


Do NOT bid what you do not have.

The BEST bid will win, not necessarily the highest. Take into consideration where we live and how we live our lives.

DO NOT WASTE TIME WITH MONETARY BIDS!!! Coin can not be eaten. Coin can not be drunk. But coin must be hauled all over the Plains as we travel.

Do NAUGHT ask the Ubar in any shape or form if a bid is all right when it is being offered for a camp slave. The Ubar can not pass such a judgment and still be the auctioneer/agent of the sale. If in doubt, seek examples from the first girl, the Ubara, or the Slave Coordinators and Instructors. They will not inform you of what the Ubar needs, so do naught ask, but they will assist you in how to offer a bid.


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