Slave Ownership


Slaves coming to MTC and seeking a collar will be collared as camp slaves by a member of Council or the highest ranking member present at the time.

Uncollared slaves seeking the private collar of a member will be brought before Ubar or a member of the Council to answer a few questions as to their history on Gor. If all is in order, the member may collar the slave with his/her personal collar. Be aware that for certain reasons the Ubar may or may not permit the collar to remain upon the slave. The Ubar will speak with the slave's Owner regarding such.

Under no circumstances will a Free recruit a camp slave to accept a private collar. Camp slaves are necessary for the growth, health, prosperity, and wellbeing of a thriving Camp.

The Ubar may sell, barter, gift, etc., any camp slave to a Free at the Ubar's own discretion.

It is expected that collaring be done within MTC. However, this is not always feasible. Owning a slave brings great responsibility upon a Free. You are responsible for that act and everything associated with it. COLLAR WISELY!

The law allows for collaring runaways by sword right. However, DO bear in mind that a slave who runs once will most likely run again. It is recommended that any runaways be caged and brought before the Ubar for an explanation. There is no clear-cut rule concerning final disposition of runaways. Therefore, each will be handled on an individual basis. It is recommended that if you desire to place a runaway in your personal collar, at least offer some form of compensation to the slave's prior Owner. An Owner may change a slave's name at will, but changing a slave's name to hide that slave's identity or location is frowned upon and used only as a last resort to avoid an abusive or harassing situation.

Should a Free Woman or a Free Male submit to a camp collar, the posts of such will be saved and sent to the Ubar and his Council members.  Should they submit to a personal collar, the individual they submit to has a right to 1) Accept their submission and if they wish to keep them, collar them personally or 2) Accept their submission and if they do not wish to keep them, collar them to camp.  The posts of such will be saved and sent to the Ubar and his Council members for archives.


Official testing is only performed by the Ubara, Slave Coordinators, or first girl unless a training slave has been given permission by these higher authorities. Pre-tests are unofficial, and as such, any member of the training team may conduct them.

Camp slaves will be instructed by Slave Coordinators and kajirae trainers. The Ubar, Ubara, and Council members may also assist in training matters.

Owners will bear the responsibility of seeing to their personal slave's training. This may include speaking with the Slave Coordinator regarding a training plan. Once the slave is trained to MTC standards, Owners may see to personalized training per their own desires.

Although it is not required, it is highly recommended that MTC trainers conduct the initial instruction of a privately owned slave to ensure that slave's knowledge of the ways of MTC. This allows the Owner to better view and understand the areas of training on which the kajira/kajirus needs to work. If an Owner declines the services of MTC trainers, said Owner may not use MTC trainers to pre-test his/her slave and is thus responsible for all training and pre-testing. The Ubara, Slave Coordinator, or first girl will still see to the slave's official testing for advancement.

Only those slaves who have reached the training level of mat or thrall are certified to serve in a full capacity in MTC. Though it is not mandatory for privately collared slaves to be TRAINED by MTC's training team, ALL MTC slaves MUST pass the mat/thrall test before being allowed to serve in a full capacity. Once this initial test is passed, promotions to higher training levels will not be OFFICIALLY recognized in our home unless the slave in question passes the test for that subsequent level. Thus, slaves whose personal Owners decide to promote them through senior mat and pagar or senior thrall training levels without official testing will be considered as wearing that title in their Owner's eyes ONLY. Such slaves would configure thusly:

slave name

Owners who have declined training and/or testing bear responsibility for their slave's lack of knowledge and skills. A member of Council may at their discretion ask questions of a privately collared slave to make sure the slave has learned the requirements for the "invisible" honorary level their Owner has placed upon them. If any privately collared slave is found lacking in the requirements of their level, the Slave Coordinator will speak with the slave's Owner on how best to solve the problem.


A Free may not discipline a slave belonging to another. However, that Free is within his/her rights to have the slave caged -- and also gagged, if the situation warrants such -- until the slave's Owner can deal with the matter.



The first girl of MTC may verbally correct behavioral problems as well as cage, gag, or chain any slave within MTC, if warranted, and the reasons for such must be articulable to the Ubar. Owners of privately owned slaves who object to these disciplinary actions will take up the matter with the Ubar, not with the first girl.

Free persons seldom concern themselves with the squabbles between kajirae.

Please Note:

Musical slaves and collars are frowned upon in MTC.

For administrative purposes in MTC, all sale requests or dealings involving slaves will be brought before the Ubar to maintain the balance of slaves in MTC. This INCLUDES private sales and dealings. A well trained slave is a valuable item. MTC slaves are among the finest trained slaves upon Gor and belong in MTC. Every effort will be made to keep them in our Home. As a rule, slaves are not sold outside of MTC. Exceptions do occur but will first be cleared through the Ubar.

Frees opting to leave MTC are entitled to leave with their own slave(s). Recruiting of camp slaves or slaves belonging to others to entice them to follow will warrant a death sentence for the offending Free as well as the offending slave, if found guilty.

Should a Free opt to leave MTC and his/her slave does not desire to follow, every option will be taken into consideration in order to retain the slave in MTC. Most Frees elect to leave such slaves behind as they need no headaches caused by a rebellious slave that may run at the first opportunity.

A slave will be considered abandoned after four weeks and will be placed in a camp collar. Four weeks is more than enough time to inform MTC of complications preventing entry to camp. If unforseen real time emergencies or accidents occur, measures are taken to make sure the Free has every opportunity to regain their slave. The slave will remain in a camp collar for an additional four weeks minimum before even being considered for sale, barter, gifting, etc. If at any time during this eight week period the Owner returns, the slave will be returned to the Owner's collar if a valid reason is given to the Ubar for the absence.

The Ubar looks upon MTC as home and its members as family. Slaves of MTC are included as valued and loved members of our family.

Additional issues which may arise and which are not directly covered will be dealt with on an individual basis as they occur.


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