Plains Patrols

At least one patrol will be made of the Southern Plains per day/night. Such patrol will consist of no less than ten (10) posts. In addition to these ten (10) posts, one entry post will be required stating weapons and means of travel just as one would were they to enter into a spar. Also, in addition to the ten (10) posts, an exit post will be required stating the Patrol route has been entered and the Outriders of the encampment have been encountered. The patroller may then return to camp. This makes a total of twelve (12) posts comprising a patrol.

Take an active part in what might realistically be a plains role-play experience. The southern plains was a vast area according to the books by John Norman. However, in our virtual time existence, anywhere is basically a click away. Role-play the Patrol as if it were real. Remember to make posts regarding approaches and reactions to visual sightings. Show through realistic posting how you come to an area, how you would halt merchants and check for the brand of passage, how you would make inquiries of trespassers, etc. Keep it as realistic as possible.

According to the books by John Norman, Tuchuks killed strangers. That is all fine and good in the books. However, it does not fit into the policies of Maze Gor, nor does it accomplish promoting potential membership to MTC or to Webmaze. Remember, usually one who is killed unfortunately returns. Each time this occurs, it lessens what Gor is. It reduces it to the low level of online gaming instead of an actual themed way of life. DO NOT FURTHER REDUCE the integrity of character personas by killing out-of-hand. Unfortunately, Gor according to the books can not be totally maintained in this virtual word.

In leiu of killing trespassers and strangers, when approaching such upon our plains, state you have no intent to harm or kill. Expect them to arm and prepare for such. Word based upon HONOR in virtual Gor has been reduced by most to a state of being non-existent. Show that those of MTC stand by their word. We will NOT seek death. Such is not the intent of these Patrols. These patrols are designed to enhance the virtual time role-play and actually use the southern plains. Make Tuchuk presence known upon the plains. Treat these patrols more as a security check than a license to kill.

Inquire as to the reason for the stranger/trespasser being upon our plains. Discover their origin as well as their destination and the reason for such, if possible. If the explanation is reasonable and they are either branded with the passage brand, a properly escorted female, or a Warrior who may travel at will, allow them to continue without further delay.

In regards to Free Women traveling without escort -- as MTC allows such within our camp, we will allow such upon the plains. However, women traveling without escort will be requested to accompany the Patrol back to MTC where they WILL BE TREATED AS WE WOULD WISH OUR SISTERS TREATED were such to befall them. The women will also be expected to conduct themselves in such a way as to NOT to cause animosity from those of MTC. The women will be considered "confined and secured" within a wagon when not actually in camp and will be considered "under close guard" at the main fire when in camp until an audience with the Ubar can be arranged. Usually the woman will be released upon her way for a price easily managed by herself to the Ubar. Such may be a coin, a gem or bauble, or whatever the Ubar deems reasonable. If a merchant, the Ubar may require a passage fee of a case of lamps, or perhaps some slave jewelry, or some such item(s) which the merchant has to offer. If the woman is not a merchant, as stated, the woman will reasonably be able to secure her own release for a fee. The Ubar WILL BE REASONABLE in such demands as this is NOT an action to gather wealth or to cause problems, but rather to simply encourage more interactive role-play involving the southern plains. Once the passage fee is met, the woman is free to be on her way.

In regards to slaves traveling without escort -- as MTC does allow unescorted visitation by collared slaves, we will allow such upon the plains provided that these collared slaves do halt and yield to our inquiries. They will then be released to be on their way. Uncollared slaves will be stopped... and if possible realistically taken by a three post capture. These captured slaves will NOT be collared upon the plains. These slaves will be brought back to MTC and ankle chained until the Ubar can inspect them. At such a time, the Ubar will decide if the slave will be collared, if being of Tuchuk quality, or released to once again fend for his/herself upon the plains. Hopefully, this will improve role-play and assist with a more realistic interaction upon the plains than what currently exists.

NO man, free woman, or collared slave should have a problem role-playing an action upon our plains. This page is a promise in advance that they will NOT be forced into a collar, sale, death, injury, etc., unless their actions warrant such. If they cooperate, we will treat their passage in the same enjoyable "light" as we do raiding.

However, THE SOUTHERN PLAINS ARE A FULL KILL/CAPTURE/COLLAR AREA. How we use this to our own advantage is up to us. This is a standard set-up as a general guideline. We DO NOT have to make it such when the situation is within our control. HOWEVER...I am sure there will be those who will press the issue just to be stupid or to try and promote their own cause and reason. MAKE OUR INTENTIONS CLEAR!!! If such occurs, they too must make their intentions clear; if need be, set aside these patrol orders and kill if it becomes a life-or-death situation.

Patrols will be expected to be made by no less than two (2) Warriors at a time, unless otherwise authorized by the Ubar.

Patrols may also include sleen provided the sleen in question have been observed, tested, and approved by the Ubar.

Three (3) posts will be made of returning immediately to camp, and the exit post will be made before entering camp.

Maintain the address to this page and present it to those encountered who may wish assurance that they are in no danger unless they act in a foolish manner.


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