Scar Codes


The first and foremost scar earned by a Male Tuchuk. His Courage must be shown and is plain for all to see. Once earned, the Male is a Warrior.

This scar is bright red.


Within MTC, the Camp Scar stands for the camps in which a Warrior may have resided. There ARE camps online that do not Scar; or if they do, they use different color codes. MTC has chosen purple to represent this camp and prior camps so they are represented but do not create any color conflicts with our existing Scars. The Camp Scar is a representation of one's survival as an active member of MTC and is based solely upon the Ubar's and Council's discretion. He who wears this Scar has shown he is in fact a member of MTC and has made a contribution to our home's success.

This scar is purple.


This is indeed a highly valued Scar. It denotes Trust. He who wears this Scar has shown himself to be trustworthy and loyal above the norm. His word is above reproach, and he would answer only to the Ubar or to the Council in the Ubar's absence.

This scar is yellow.


He who wears this Scar is a Ubar, the Chief and Leader of his people.

This scar is green.


He who wears this Scar sits upon the Council of MTC.

This scar is lime.


He who wears this Scar has shown himself to be among the most Trusted, Courageous, Loyal, and Skilled of MTC and is a personal bodyguard of the Ubar, his wagon, and his property.

This scar is blue.


He who wears this Scar is a member of the Sa-Clan.

This scar is light blue representing the never-ending skies.


He who bears this Scar has mastered the skills of Gorean weaponry. He is able to use any weapon at his disposal and to make a weapon out of anything available to him. Beware he who wears the Scar as he is not one to be trifled with.

This scar is a shined steel gray color.


This scar is awarded to only those Warriors who throughout the years have formed a true bond of Brotherhood with RAGNAR. Such warriors need not be of our home. This honor transcends the boundaries of Maze Tuchuk Camp and extends to other homes of People who follow the practice of bearing scars.

This scar is an earth-tone reddish color.


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