Security in MTC

We will be attempting to create a more appropriate method of security.

There really is no true and accurate way to design an actual "watch" as real-time often comes into conflict with virtual-time. In light of this, we will address it on a first-come-first-served style.

Were this an actual camp, the Ors, Orlus, and Oralus would be given their orders, and matters would be taken care of efficiently and properly. We do not have such luxury save for NPC forces. We will thus operate upon the Honor system in seeing that all take their turn nightly when in camp.

The first warrior in camp has the watch. He will challenge all who enter our home. This operates along the lines of the "Gate Keeper" of old Gor. We will now look upon him as being a mounted and fully armed warrior at his post along the camp perimeter. It will be role-played as such.

Each warrior of Tuchuk will be upon his Honor to take his turn on duty. Each warrior will inquire if the current "watch" wishes to be relieved. There are times when such will not be necessary, and the current watch will continue with the duty. However, be especially watchful and considerate when camp is busy. It is a job one has to work at in order to be the first person met as one enters our home.

With the location and entry pull-down system in place, the "watch" has, in effect, the default entry post as well as three (3) location posts to take notice of and "clear" the subject for entry to camp. When meeting a subject entering... be sure to take heed of their replies to the entry pulldowns. The subject must state peaceful intentions before entering our home.

Remember, even with the pull-downs, YOU ARE THE FIRST ACTUAL LINE OF DEFENSE IN MTC.

Long ago in MTC, when the Ubar was a "Gate Keeper," those on duty were allowed no distractions during the watch. This meant no serves after the supplies were served at the beginning of the watch. No "company" was permitted that may distract the watch. The sole purpose was to protect, defend, and hold the first actual line of defense. At this time, I remember the feelings all too well of standing the watch for hours on end. I did not enjoy the aspect, but it was duty and orders. Unless necessary, such strict adherence to security will not be maintained unless the duty is failing to be done efficiently.

Train and become as skilled with steel as possible. More kills come from standing this watch than on any other duty station in a Wagon Camp. Be prepared to die if need be to hold that line of defense, but it IS preferable that the problem dies before you do.

The watch will start with the list of people on the Cities of Dust page who are banned from MTC. These persons, if returning, will be held until a Council member or Ubar grants them special clearance to enter. If none are present, they will not enter. Names of persons deemed as "problems" will be passed from watch to watch as the day goes on. These will be turned in each night so the names may be added to a security roster for future reference.

DO NOT KILL UNLESS NECESSARY!!! We are seeking a positive role-play aspect of duty experience; yet, at the same time, due to the ramifications of the virtual-time need for traffic in order to keep a home thriving, we can not keep entirely to the fact that Tuchuks killed strangers and trespassers. DO, however, be prepared to engage and kill, if commanded to do so, in the best interest of security.

This is NOT a difficult duty, though it IS one which requires a warrior to be alert. Common sense will go far when dealing with others.

Being deadly and skilled does not mean you have a license to kill or mouth-off. Many of the greatest warriors never needed to enter into arguments or had to mouth-off. They gave off a presence which immediately ensured that the subjects they encountered should show them respect, and that such would be offered in return.

Those who are strictly Visitors or Observers NOT taking part in the role-play experience will be welcomed. They will be neither detained nor harassed. That is Webmaze policy as well as that of MTC.

NO ACTUAL ESCORT IS NEEDED IN MTC AT THIS TIME FOR ENTERING FW OR SLAVES. Both Women and slaves will be met and welcomed provided they state they will abide the laws and customs of our home.

This particular station builds and requires such necessary attributes as Pride, Integrity, Courage, Duty, Discipline and Loyalty, among others.

This is usually a single-warrior duty station. However, at times there may be two (2) or more stationed for the watch should the need arise.

Sleen may accompany a warrior on the watch, if such is cleared through the Ubar or a Council member who is present, provided the Ubar himself has seen the sleen tested for discipline and gives approval for such a duty.




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