Weapons Training

Herder. Warrior. Killer. That is a Tuchuk Man. Herding consists of caring for our bosk, the Mother of our People. Being a Warrior consists of making war and engaging an opponent in combat in an orderly, proficient, and well-disciplined manner. Killer... need anything be said?

We are Tuchuks, the fiercest of the Wagon Peoples. We, upon our mount, the kailla, take care of business. We are to be skillful and vain. We are experts with our People's weapons. There is only one way to be proficient at arms, and that is to train, train, and train some more.

Wherever one looks upon Gor today, we see combat. Sadly, one particular art of combat is notably missing from Gor today: the skills of mounted combat.

There is a push... a wave, if you will, of the various cultures being true to themselves and using their culture's weapons in their combat. This places the Wagon People at a serious disadvantage, for a Tuchuk never got any closer than necessary to kill. The horn bow and its quiver of forty (40) barbed-tipped shafts; the balanced saddle knife, the quiva, by design a medium-distance missile weapon; the bola, also a medium-distance weapon; the kailla lance, black tem-wood tipped with a steel lance head, which sometimes also bears a hook used to dismount an opponent; the shield, black lacquered bosk hide stretched over a framework; the kailla rope; the helmet, fur-rimmed and conical in shape with a leather insert, most notably identified by the colorful facial chains which cover the warrior's face and which are affixed in such a way as to allow for a good field of vision: these are the weapons and accoutrements of Tuchuk warriors.

Is that all? Far from it. Add to that arsenal a great, powerful kailla, the mount of the wagon peoples, a highly trained beast who is taught to avoid the lance of an enemy. A warrior and his mount move as one, the wicked teeth and slashing claws of the beast providing additional weapons against an opponent.

But there is one more thing a Tuchuk has that can work to great advantage: his brains. Be smart when you fight. Learn to balance man, weapons, and beast into a single weapon of war and domination.

Before this art of combat is lost forever, and along with it a large part of our heritage, the warriors of Tuchuk will undergo mandatory training and will be required to engage in two training spars each week. One will be mounted Tuchuk-style combat; the second may be weapons of personal preference, such as the sword, axe, and spatha. Even Kamchak learned the sword and was thus well prepared for a city-styled battle!

The ability for a Warrior to be able to defend himself as well as his home is, without a doubt, his reason for existence. A Warrior who is unable to do such is of no value, save for giving the enemy more targets at which to shoot and thereby increasing the odds of true Warriors surviving the engagement. There will be no set standard at this time for training spars. They may be as long as you wish provided that they are no less than three posts each. The Circle rules are preferred; however, it is also wise to study the rules of combat that exist on other Gorean sites in order to be able to pursue an enemy into his own lands and defeat him.



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