First Aid Training for Slaves

"I have not mentioned, either, slaves with professional competences, such as medicine or law."--Fighting Slave of Gor, page 165

The Medical Wagon must be kept clean and well stocked at all times. All kajirae, camp and owned, will be responsible for seeing that the Medical Wagons and Surgical Wagons are cleaned. This includes the sweeping and scrubbing of floors and the cleaning of tables and counters. All kajirae will ensure that clean bandages are folded and easily accessible and complete surgical and medical kits are prepared. All cloths and bedding used by the Healers will be boiled as well as washed to ensure a sterile environment and an absence of soap residues for recovering patients.

Maintaining Med Kits:
The Healers of MTC have created Med Kits and placed them in various locations about Camp. Lined lidded baskets containing commonly needed medical supplies and instructional scrolls for treating various injuries and illnesses have been placed in the following locations:

    1.) Ubar's Wagon, inner side
    2.) Outside of commissary wagons and
    3.) ...just outside the cold wagons
    4.) On the outside of the slave kennels, facing the supply wagons and
    5.) ...on a pole just outside the sand pit
    6.) And the last one is hung on another pole just outside the practice field area.
    7.) Additionally, during migration, a Med Kit is placed under the seat of each wagon.

It is EXPECTED that you will know where each med kit is located, the contents of same, and how they are to be used in an emergency. A qualified Healer can not always be available when one of our own is stricken with injury or illness. Furthermore, it is expected that the Camp kajirae will keep the med kits filled with the indicated types and amounts of supplies (extra supplies are available in the medical or surgical wagons at all times).

Kajirae of MTC will be taught basic first aid techniques by the Healer should the need arise for kajirae to handle a situation HOWEVER...if there IS a qualified Healer available, he or she should direct the course of action.

For further information on the contents of our med kits and slave-appropriate healing techniques, please refer to our medical page. Please note that, due to its highly addictive and toxic nature, kanda is NEVER to be used either to dress a wound or to alleviate pain.


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